2019 09 18 Image of the week

With an outstanding array of photographs shortlisted as finalists for the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019, I couldn’t go past this beautiful image.

Whilst never having worked with chimps I was lucky enough to spend nearly 3 years working in a primate sanctuary, mainly with gibbons.  Chimps, being categorized as great apes, are referred to as our closest relatives, having 96% similarity (includes the bonobo, pygmy chimp).  They are highly intelligent, very trainable and share many of our traits.

Gibbons come under the category of lesser apes, they are less self-aware and have lower cognitive abilities.

Above, clockwise from top left: Midnight, Emma and Cindy with me
in the sanctuary in Thailand.

The animals were later moved to an island safe-haven which (I believe) was allocated by the Thai government for their protection.

Other photos by Philippe B.

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Collagraph printing: Connectivity project

I haven’t posted any of my prints for a while.  With a new tutor in the studio, an introduction to different ink-related mediums, and a new array of printing advice/guidance, it’s taken me a while to find my feet and achieve the results I’m looking for.

A misty look at the city and communication aerials.

Crossed swords.  This will have a further print added to the right.

Late at night.

Tree texture.

Under my feet.  What I see on my bush walks; fallen leaves, puddles, rain spatter.

More bush walk observation.

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I’ll be teaching at ……..

5-7 October 2019
Korowal School, Hazelbrook,
Blue Mountains, NSW

CLICK HERE to visit the website of this brand new creative retreat, check out the various workshops (designed for adults 18+) and make a booking.

I’m thrilled to have been asked to teach a 3 day course in the beautiful surroundings of the Blue Mountains and I’m looking forward to meeting a heap of talented, enthusiastic, creative people, all wanting to extend their skills – or learn something new.

The title of my course is Collage, Cover, Create, Bind: Artists Books Revealed, and that alone should give you an idea of what we’ll be doing.  But in case you’re new to book making here are a few photos to whet your appetite.

And if you want to know more, listen to my podcast where I’m interviewed by the organizer, Sam Tannous, and we discuss just what participants can expect.

At a recent exhibition, where I showed my stitched reduction lino-print/chine collé book (shown above, top right), it was snapped up by a local dignitary and subsequently shipped off to Scotland as a gift for a sick relative.  So glad it’s gone to a good home.

Needless to say, I have a replacement underway.  Same kind of binding but a totally different theme and colour scheme.  Not finished yet but well underway.  And why isn’t it finished?  Well I got sidetracked with another book idea that was rattling around in my head and just demanding to be made.  Finished it last night.

Stitched concertina book, collage & drawing, partial spine, handmade cord and button fastening, postcards inserted as pages.

It’s all about having a bit of creative fun.

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2019 09 02 Image of the week

I am loving the Wirrimanu art from Balgo exhibition currently showing at AGNSW and have chosen a particular favourite of mine from these outstanding prints.

Susie Bootja Bootja Napaltjarri, c1932-2003, Kaningarra 2002 (printed 2003),
etching on paper.

Statement: Kaningarra is located west of Wirrimanu in the Great Sandy Desert at the top of the Canning Stock Route.  Susie Bootja Bootja Napaltjarri lived here in her younger years and in this print she refers to the abundance of tjunda (bush onion) found on the grassy plains between the hills of the area.  The print exemplifies the expressive style and daring use of colour employed by artists in Wirrimanu.

Unfortunately as this is hung with a spotlight on it and under glass it is very hard to photograph and, being no expert, I’ve done the best I can.  However, I thought a close-up of one section might help viewers appreciate the work more.

Sorry, still has glass reflections.  It’s so much better in real life.

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2019 08 20 Image of the week

With a new tutor in the print studio putting in place new guidelines – read ‘rules’ here – I am (frustratingly) unable to continue printing my Connections project at the moment.  However, that doesn’t diminish my enthusiasm for the theme and I continue to collect relevant imagery that catches my eye.

Taken from the weekend newspaper it’s a shame the reverse side printing shows through a little but it’s still a terrific image.  Love the concentration of colour from the lit dynamite fuse.  What a great focal point.

Australian Financial Review Weekend, 17-18 August 2019, Article title – Bonds: Safety but at what cost?

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2019 08 13 Image of the week

Robyn Waghorn, Traces & Traces II, relief/screenprint.

These two prints are part of the Southern Printmakers Association ‘Light & Shade’ exhibition currently on show at Hazelhurst Arts Centre.  The exhibition comprises 54 art works which demonstrate a variety of print techniques to explore the theme both literally and metaphorically.

Exhibition runs daily until 20th August.

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2019 08 05 Image of the week

Dogs delight, owners nightmare!

Just one of the obstacles I traverse with my faithful hound.  The drop is much further than it looks; Jack runs across, I hang on to whatever I can reach as I totter to the other side.

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