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Jeffrey Smart – Dead at 91

It is with sadness that I learned of the death on Thursday of this great Australian artist in hospital close to his home in Italy. The Australian Financial Review (22-23 June 2013) has the above on the front page with … Continue reading

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Assignment 2 – Application of design ideas

Here we are required to explore our assignment sketchbook work to produce design ideas in a small format before choosing one to develop further. Most of my designs were done in Photoshop.  I found this gave me a lot of … Continue reading

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Recent general sketchbook work

Most of my sketchbook work has been based on the current assignment but I am still making an effort to train my eyes to see tones and shapes and practice this as often as I can. I tried to trick … Continue reading

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Dandelion Clocks

Just a bit of fun. With all this printing I haven’t done much stitching lately.  However I was asked to make a small piece showcasing the 1950s.  After much research I came across some fabulous retro fabric entitled Dandelion clocks.  … Continue reading

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Assignment 2 Screen Printing: Further sketchbook work

EI P2 Stage 1mFollowing on from my post of 1st May where I started to develop some source material for design ideas I’ve continued working with the collage I did. These orange motifs came from the negative space that resulted from repeating one of the original shapes I took from the fascia of Federation Square. Note: Refer to previous sketchbook work for details.

EI P2 Stage 1m croppedBy layering and overlapping these cutout motifs I created further interesting sharp edged negative-space motifs to develop further.

I photocopied, traced, resized, coloured and moved these shapes around. Some of this was done on Photoshop and some by hand. I now have a comprehensive library of sharp, jagged motifs, some of which sit quite well together to form a more complex design.

EI P2 Stage 1nEI P2 Stage 1pWhilst I’m only posting these photos now, the ideas have been brewing for a while and continue to evolve.

A couple of the shapes I took with me to the Prints Charming screen printing workshop and cut simple templates from paper which were discarded at the end of the day. I also used them to cut away Vilene and print with the Drimarine K dyes.

These couple of pages of work may not look a lot but I’ve got countless paper motifs, in every size, that I’m constantly playing with – overlapping them, arranging them in numerous configurations, spacing them evenly/unevenly, turning them, combining them, discarding them, etc.. However, to photograph every minute of my experimentation may be a little over the top. Continue reading

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Assignment 2 Screen Printing

Stage 1 Sketchbook Work

Some ideas for creating source material from which to develop design ideas.

EI P2 Stage 1bcA necklace with shapes I quite like.

EI P2 Stage 1dEI P2 Stage 1eThe sun went in and the lighting became difficult when photographing. Interesting pink tinge to the second picture. No matter what I do I can’t get rid of it. Each page shows contour line (outline drawing), continuous line (without taking hand off the paper), blind contour (without looking at the page whilst drawing) and non-preferred hand. I explored small areas using the viewing frame but wasn’t particularly thrilled with the abstraction of the drawings.

EI P2 Stage 1fSplitting the image into smaller parts, rotating, simplifying, colouring and repeating.

Change of subject matter:

EI P2 Stage 1gExploring lines. Bars, instrument strings, bridge struts and pylons. Building fascia, window alignment & shape, height.

EI P2 Stage 1hWindows, glass and building exteriors.Fed square close up

Close up of Federation Square civic centre and cultural precinct created in 2002 in Melbourne, Australia.

The designs on the page above and those below have been developed from this linear fascia.

EI P2 Stage 1jShape simplified, rotated. resized and aligned to create different shapes. Colour experiments.

EI P2 Stage 1kSoftening & blending the distorted design with colour (left), then bringing the negative space forward with colour (right). Exploring the positive & negative image in a new alignment.

EI P2 Stage 1LPulling out a shape from the negative space.

EI P2 Stage 1mExperimenting with collage. Blue/grey base layers with small tonal image repeats. Complementary colour repeat motif, larger and more dominant.


Continue reading

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Assignment 2 Screen Printing Stage 1

The brief is to initially spend some time working in my sketchbook exploring the theme ‘Man-made Environment’. So I’ve been drawing all sorts of bits and pieces (blog post for these will come later).

Highly strung originalI started here with the idea of prison bars, that changed to piano wires, then I considered snapped piano wires springing across the taut ones still firmly held in lines. Next I looked at the space below, within the piano, where light and shade mix and include a reflection of something bright caught in the shadowplay.

Highly strung reshapedI quite liked the idea but I was unhappy with the square shape of the drawing so I put it into Photoshop and adjusted it.

Highly strung fabricI transferred it onto fabric using Inktense pencils wetting each section carefully to bring out the colour without it bleeding into other areas.

Then I free-motion stitched the red focal area and machine corded the lines in place.

[caption id="attachment_3493" align="aligncenter" width="567"]Highly Strung ‘Highly Strung’ by Claire Brach
9 x 13cm (unframed). Inktense pencils, free-motion stitching and machine cording.[/caption]

The course manual has some suggested ideas to work with and here I have encompassed working with lines, textures, flat colours, simplification of shape and a reduced colour palette.

For the sake of the course I should probably have stopped at the drawing stage and tried different colours to achieve various moods, changes in line placement and so on – and I’ll get to that. Yesterday I just felt like a bit of fun, I wanted to practice my free-motion machine stitching and create something in a way I had never done before. Continue reading

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