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Playing with printing

Although I’ve finished the screen printing assignment I’ve still been doing a bit for my own enjoyment. String resist. String resist back (which I particularly like). Gold printed base with yellow & orange overlay using shredded paper resist. Patterned base … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Smart – Dead at 91

It is with sadness that I learned of the death on Thursday of this great Australian artist in hospital close to his home in Italy. The Australian Financial Review (22-23 June 2013) has the above on the front page with … Continue reading

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Assignment 2: Reading Material & Reference

I’ve read extensively throughout this section as my screen printing knowledge was scant at best.  Even now I realise that I’ve only scratched the surface.  The notes provided in the course were excellent and provided a good start point.  An … Continue reading

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OCA Sydney Group – Exhibition Visit

There are four Sydney based OCA Textiles students (that we know about) and we have decided to get together from time to time to create a stronger network.  Each of us come from a very different background and are at … Continue reading

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Vivid Sydney …….. if you missed out.

If you are local and couldn’t get there, if you couldn’t face the crowds or if you are one of those unfortunate people who just live too far away click here for a perfect view of a little of what you missed (way better than my post). Turn your sound system on, nice and loud, and sit back and enjoy.

Thanks for sharing, Michael.

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Vivid Sydney

A night on the town

For 3 weeks Sydney buildings have been transformed into canvases of light. From 6pm each evening the city has lit up with spectacular colour and movement projected onto some of our most iconic landmarks. The highlights include immersive light installations and projections, performances from local and international musicians at the Opera House and public talks and debates from leading global creative thinkers. Sydney is really the happening place, having had the Sydney Writers Festival last month and the annual Sydney Film Festival to also tempt us – and let’s not forget the normal eclectic range of galleries and exhibitions that are running.

So Saturday night we ventured into the City to experience the light shows. First impressions: I have never seen so many people in one place at the same time. Looking down from the railway station parapet I gasped at the sheer volume of bodies. It was a bit scary. Holding tight to my husband we joined the throng and were swept along toward the Opera House. Here are a few of the wonderful images I managed to photograph whilst being jostled by hundreds of others wanting to do the same thing.

VS1VS2VS3VS4VS5Decided to change the camera setting to night mode and see what I got. Now I know why many people had tripods.

VS6Oops! I held the camera as still as possible. Let’s have another go.

VS7OK, not sharp because I really did need a tripod, but great movement effects. We moved on and climbed as high as possible above the crowds onto the Cahill Walkway which I think is the highest point to look down onto Circular Quay unless you are in or on the top of one of the buildings. From the Walkway we could see the top of Customs House across the Expressway.

VS8VS9Shame we couldn’t see the whole thing. Looking back across the water I got a reasonable shot of the Museum of Contemporary Art with the bridge in the background.

VS10Note the crowds and this was a less busy section. As we moved towards any of the main attractions it became more and more dense.

This is just a small sampling of a weird and wonderful experience, if a bit overwhelming at times.



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Prints Charming – Screen Printing Workshop

All week I’ve been making chemical water, thickened paste, mixing dye colours and trialling my dye screen-printing. Today I took a time out from that while my prints are batching and attended another screen printing workshop.

Prints Charming 1This one day event, run by Cath Derksema of Prints Charming, was a delight after my not-so-great experience a month ago elsewhere. Prints Charming 2Cath is an experienced printer and designer with a long history in the textiles industry. In the early ’90s she developed “Art Park” a multifaceted design studio designing prints for manufacturers including Seafolly, Billabong, Carla Zampatti, Table 8, Target and Woolworths (the Australian one, not UK). Prints Charming 3In 2002 she created “Prints Charming” selling into America and now locally through Spotlight.

Prints Charming 4A few of her currently available designs are featured here. Most of the samples she showed us were large crisp uncluttered images printed onto predyed fabric bases. I was particularly interested in looking at the same design printed in different colourways as per the two pictures above on the left.

The day was aimed at paper stencil cutting and overprinting. We were given white cotton, medium weight, around 1 x 1.5 metre to work on with several small sample pieces for us to use for initial trials.PC 7

Cath uses Aquatex fabric colours which come in concentrate form and are mixed with a clear bonder, or you could call it an extender, before use. This picture shows a few of the colours we could use because we had already made our initial choices and taken them to our workstations. There was certainly no shortage and we mixed other variations as we went.

PC 6Cath cut a simple stencil and showed us how to apply it to fabric, how to correctly hold the squeegee, how much paint to use, how to get a good clear print and finally how to clean up. Her sample is to the left. I’ve not cropped it so you can see the wonderful array of prints she has happening on her drop cloth. Frankly there were enough ideas on that just to get us going!!

I had taken along some of the images I have been developing in my sketchbook for my assignment. They are fairly straight forward and easy to cut, not too involved for paper stencils and easily repeatable when they are saturated. However, if I were to do this again I would use my plastic paper instead of photocopy paper then I could wash my stencils for reuse because I quite liked them but they are now in the bin of course. Here is the piece I came home with:

PC 8I’m extremely happy with what I learned today and the result I got. The print registration was done by eye alone, there was no measuring and I’ve done a set of 6 full repeats plus some partials. The only random part are the pink motifs which have been placed haphazardly where I felt so inclined to put them. This now needs to be heat set before using and I’m thinking of tea dyeing the whole thing afterwards as it seems a bit stark, but we’ll see.

Positives from the day:

  • The chance to use yet another type of fabric paint and I’ve found I much prefer this brand to my Derivan ones. They are less ‘plastic’ looking and alter the hand of the fabric to a much lesser degree. I’m told that once they are heat set that reduces even further.
  • Still on paint – it was terrific to see how easy it is to mix and ‘dilute’ colours to achieve very different effects.
  • An opportunity to see how a professional prints, explore her method and see how that fits with the way I work.
  • I learned that this process can be quite quick and fun and less laborious than I have currently been doing. So a change in my own practice will now be made.
  • I was delighted to see the different stencil designs from each participant and how they built their surfaces. This has given me food for thought regarding my future work.

Negatives from the day:

  • It’s over.

http://www.dynamiccoatings.com.au – Aquatex fabric paints and mediums
www.printscharming.com.au Continue reading

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