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Assignment 5 – Stage 3: Colour Development

Developing design ideas – colour choices Whilst developing my project design I’ve also worked further on my colours choices.  In Stage 2 I chose my palette from a source photo, made some yarn wrappings and painted some swatches.  I used … Continue reading

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Assignment 2 Screen Printing Stage 1

The brief is to initially spend some time working in my sketchbook exploring the theme ‘Man-made Environment’. So I’ve been drawing all sorts of bits and pieces (blog post for these will come later).

Highly strung originalI started here with the idea of prison bars, that changed to piano wires, then I considered snapped piano wires springing across the taut ones still firmly held in lines. Next I looked at the space below, within the piano, where light and shade mix and include a reflection of something bright caught in the shadowplay.

Highly strung reshapedI quite liked the idea but I was unhappy with the square shape of the drawing so I put it into Photoshop and adjusted it.

Highly strung fabricI transferred it onto fabric using Inktense pencils wetting each section carefully to bring out the colour without it bleeding into other areas.

Then I free-motion stitched the red focal area and machine corded the lines in place.

[caption id="attachment_3493" align="aligncenter" width="567"]Highly Strung ‘Highly Strung’ by Claire Brach
9 x 13cm (unframed). Inktense pencils, free-motion stitching and machine cording.[/caption]

The course manual has some suggested ideas to work with and here I have encompassed working with lines, textures, flat colours, simplification of shape and a reduced colour palette.

For the sake of the course I should probably have stopped at the drawing stage and tried different colours to achieve various moods, changes in line placement and so on – and I’ll get to that. Yesterday I just felt like a bit of fun, I wanted to practice my free-motion machine stitching and create something in a way I had never done before. Continue reading

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My winter garden

Out and about in the garden earlier this afternoon, during a brief sunny period, I was struck by how many plants were in flower, and particularly how many of them have red flowers.  Left – flowering Aloe Vera By now … Continue reading

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Project 2 – Stage 6 Colour Study

My tutor has asked me to analyse this piece of work, my post 30th October 2011, from a colour study perspective. Red and green being opposites on the colour wheel are described as complementary colours.  An interesting terminology ‘complementary’.  So … Continue reading

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Project 2 – Stage 6

Using thread and yarns to create textures. The brief was to take one of our drawings, enlarge a small part of it and work from that picture.  The idea was to choose threads and yarns in the same colourway and proportions as the … Continue reading

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