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Assignment 2 Preparation

Setting up the work area

Printing areaAfter consideration I’ve set up a dedicated print space in our outbuilding. It is the most suitable area because:

  • Drips and spillages are easily cleaned off or absorbed by the concrete floor and the area can be hosed if need be. No danger of damaging any floor coverings in the house.
  • Large concrete drying area outside the shed.
  • Huge laundry sink within 4 metres.
  • Hose and garden area to clean screens.
  • Sunny aspect outside to dry items including washing line to hang prints.
  • Electrical outlets for hairdryer (if it’s a wet day and things won’t dry).
  • Undercover but still open air.
  • Large enough space to move around the print table.
  • Cupboard space and worktop to keep supplies.

My print pad/surface is plyboard covered with 2 layers of acrylic felt and a plastic backed drop cloth – all stapled as a permanent surface. This is finally overlaid with a double layer of flannelette sheet (removable and washable). The plyboard measures 120 x 90cm giving me enough space to pin out 6 fabric pieces at a time, all around A3 size.

I have a mix of frames, two wood and one aluminium, each prepared with duct tape (fully covered for the wooden ones, partially covered for the aluminium one) and with a well. All have polyester mesh 43T. I have three squeegees: one Speedball plastic ‘paddle’ style and two with a wooden handle.

My experimentation starts by using Derivan Screen Printing Inks. Continue reading

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