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First Module of my Degree Course

Vivid Sydney

A night on the town

For 3 weeks Sydney buildings have been transformed into canvases of light. From 6pm each evening the city has lit up with spectacular colour and movement projected onto some of our most iconic landmarks. The highlights include immersive light installations and projections, performances from local and international musicians at the Opera House and public talks and debates from leading global creative thinkers. Sydney is really the happening place, having had the Sydney Writers Festival last month and the annual Sydney Film Festival to also tempt us – and let’s not forget the normal eclectic range of galleries and exhibitions that are running.

So Saturday night we ventured into the City to experience the light shows. First impressions: I have never seen so many people in one place at the same time. Looking down from the railway station parapet I gasped at the sheer volume of bodies. It was a bit scary. Holding tight to my husband we joined the throng and were swept along toward the Opera House. Here are a few of the wonderful images I managed to photograph whilst being jostled by hundreds of others wanting to do the same thing.

VS1VS2VS3VS4VS5Decided to change the camera setting to night mode and see what I got. Now I know why many people had tripods.

VS6Oops! I held the camera as still as possible. Let’s have another go.

VS7OK, not sharp because I really did need a tripod, but great movement effects. We moved on and climbed as high as possible above the crowds onto the Cahill Walkway which I think is the highest point to look down onto Circular Quay unless you are in or on the top of one of the buildings. From the Walkway we could see the top of Customs House across the Expressway.

VS8VS9Shame we couldn’t see the whole thing. Looking back across the water I got a reasonable shot of the Museum of Contemporary Art with the bridge in the background.

VS10Note the crowds and this was a less busy section. As we moved towards any of the main attractions it became more and more dense.

This is just a small sampling of a weird and wonderful experience, if a bit overwhelming at times.



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Assignment 2 Screen Printing: Further sketchbook work

EI P2 Stage 1mFollowing on from my post of 1st May where I started to develop some source material for design ideas I’ve continued working with the collage I did. These orange motifs came from the negative space that resulted from repeating one of the original shapes I took from the fascia of Federation Square. Note: Refer to previous sketchbook work for details.

EI P2 Stage 1m croppedBy layering and overlapping these cutout motifs I created further interesting sharp edged negative-space motifs to develop further.

I photocopied, traced, resized, coloured and moved these shapes around. Some of this was done on Photoshop and some by hand. I now have a comprehensive library of sharp, jagged motifs, some of which sit quite well together to form a more complex design.

EI P2 Stage 1nEI P2 Stage 1pWhilst I’m only posting these photos now, the ideas have been brewing for a while and continue to evolve.

A couple of the shapes I took with me to the Prints Charming screen printing workshop and cut simple templates from paper which were discarded at the end of the day. I also used them to cut away Vilene and print with the Drimarine K dyes.

These couple of pages of work may not look a lot but I’ve got countless paper motifs, in every size, that I’m constantly playing with – overlapping them, arranging them in numerous configurations, spacing them evenly/unevenly, turning them, combining them, discarding them, etc.. However, to photograph every minute of my experimentation may be a little over the top. Continue reading

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OCA – A Creative Approach: Results

Today I’ve been informed by OCA that I have a confirmed assessment result for the above course.  I’ve passed.  I haven’t had the assessor feedback yet, and it won’t be here for a while, but I know my score isn’t … Continue reading

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The joy of beetroot!!

Have you noticed that when peeling and cutting beetroot the colour leeches out and stains the chopping board, your fingers, kitchen hand towels and any cloths you might use to wipe down the work surface?  I am regularly scrubbing my … Continue reading

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A Creative Approach: Assignment 5 – Tutor request and response.

Project 10 – Tutor suggestion. In the feedback I received for my Sugar Addiction theme and final project for A Creative Approach my tutor has added the following note: May I suggest that you briefly discuss initial thoughts for completing … Continue reading

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Acosta’s ‘Crayons’ mural recalls Sandy Hook

Originally posted on Pied Type:
  Photo: Gamma Gallery This 6′ × 24′ graffiti mural is the work of Gamma Acosta, Longmont, Colo. “Crayons” is his statement about the Sandy Hook school massacre, done a day later. It’s gone now, boards and…

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A Creative Approach – Course Reflections

Before starting the course, you wrote a brief note on what you hoped this course would do for you.  Now look again at this note and reflect on what has happened to you during the course.  Sum up your reflections. … Continue reading

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