About Claire

Hi, I’m Claire Brach.  Originally from England, I have lived in several countries including Thailand and Japan and settled in Australia some years ago.  I have been stitching, creating and playing with fibres from being a small child.

My interests lie in the areas of colour, design, composition and construction of unique art pieces.  My skills include a wide array of both traditional and contemporary hand stitching, building dimensional structures, creative backgrounds, innovative jewellery and personal adornments, journal making and more. 

One of my main focuses is incorporating interesting and unusual items into my textile work.  These often include metal shim and extensive wire worked items, along with manipulated synthetic fabrics and plastics, handmade paper, raw silk fibres and other silk products. Interesting yarns and fibres always feature prominently along with many forms of beading and textural embellishments.  Hand stitching is at the core of my work and searching out, experimenting and including differing elements on which to apply my stitching  is always a pleasure.

I am still passionate about learning new techniques and I enjoy taking opportunities to attend seminars, workshops and exhibitions to widen my knowledge base.  Formal studying has been a continual part of my adult life as it provides me with a framework for self-improvement and advancement in my chosen field.


14 Responses to About Claire

  1. penmcam says:

    Hello Claire, I am a fellow OCA student and have just enjoyed browsing through your blog. Your work is admirable and exciting and I am looking forward to following your progress through the course.

    • Claire B says:

      Hi Penny, thanks for the comment. You’ll already have realised that I look at your blog from time to time. Your work is very good but, from your recent posts. it looks like you’re having a hard time right now. In one of your posts you’ve questioned if you have what it takes for the course. Can your tutor help motivate you and get you back on track?

  2. Irene Burkitt says:

    Hi Claire
    I dipped into your blog (again) expecting to be just a few minutes. Two hours later I was still enjoying it. I envy the amount of resources you have at your disposal but most of all I admire your creativity and skill. Thanks for the chance to look at your work.

    • Claire B says:

      Thanks very much for your kind comments Irene. I’m really enjoying the courses I’m doing and that feeds my unthusiasm for all things textile. It helps to give a focus and direction to some of my creative thinking. Do you have a blog?

  3. Hi Clare I am also an OCA student, I have signed up to follow your blog and wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your posts. You are ahead of me in the course – I am currently working away at the screen printing project. It’s motivating for me to see what you’re doing!

    • Claire B says:

      Hi Joanna, thanks for the comment and I’m glad you like the stuff I post. I’m really enjoying the course and the screen printing part was fun. It’s always motivating (and sometimes a bit daunting) to look at other students blogs and see what they are doing. Makes it seem a bit less remote somehow.

  4. What I find fascinating is the range of ideas that people have and the originality of their interests. I really likes your idea of researching totems, for example. It’s also fun to try out new methods – I had never done weaving before starting my studies with OCA and I discovered how rewarding it is. Good luck with your work and Happy Christmas from here in Scotland!

  5. Hi Claire

    I have just found your blog – through the OCA fb group and am enjoying it hugely. I am from UK and have also loved in Thailand and Japan and other countries so found it interesting that you have too! I am an OCA student and have completed ACA and currently on Printmaking 1, but I am very slow!

    Warm wishes

    • Claire B says:

      Great to hear from you Amanda. I’m also painfully slow getting through this printmaking course. Enjoying it though. It’s all very new to me and every step seems to need an inordinate amount of thinking and planning before even getting to the print stage.
      Glad you’re enjoying my blog. I try to post about once a week if possible.
      Good luck with the course and keep in touch.
      Regards, Claire.

  6. Sam McColl says:

    Hi claire – do you know where to sourse the silk parachute shopping bags – I’ve just lost mine and I’m bereft!

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