2022 10 27 Image of the week

Linda Jules, Naikoon, silk aquatint, 2009, 6/15

I came across this amazing collagraph on the facebook group Collagraph world wide which I’m a member of.

I’ve done a little with silk aquatint but haven’t explored it this far. Now it’s definitely on my to-do list.

The artist, Linda Jules, writes:

This print was made using a collagraph process called Silk Aquatint.

First, a piece of finely woven fabric was glued to a heavy cardboard plate and the plate was sealed with a couple of coats of gloss acrylic medium. (If the plate was inked up and wiped at this point, it would print completely black, as the ink would be held in the tiny squares between the fabric threads.)

Second, successive layers of gloss medium were applied to certain areas of the plate to build up the image: the more coats of medium applied to a certain area of the image, the less ink would be held between the fabric threads and the lighter in tone that area would be. So I had the full range of tones from black to white available to me.

This is a beach scene form Naikoon Bay on Haida Gwaii, BC, Canada.

Facebook: Collagraph world wide post 20/10/22 Linda Jules


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