Collagraph: Hexagons

My new collagraph comes as a result of further experimentation leading from my ‘Man-made’ project in October.

The strata has been constructed using a variety of media including, from left to right, Akua carborundum gel, several layers of torn handmade paper, clear tar gel (the dribbled lines), adhesive aluminium, micaceous iron oxide, tile adhesive (the hexagons), all on a mountboard base. Gloss medium and matte sealer were applied in selected areas to create tonal variety. Shellac has been deliberately avoided.

My first print brought up an issue with the tile adhesive.

The micaceous iron oxide background has held the ink perfectly, giving solid coverage. However, the tile adhesive, applied unevenly through a stencil, has held the same amount of ink so I’ve not achieved any tonal variation. The slight ink retention surrounding the shapes has highlighted them to a degree but they’re not standing out the way I hoped. I applied 2 coats of gloss medium to their surface.

In addition to this, I initially adhered a single piece of handmade paper under the clear tar gel dribbles and it’s given good tonal variety from the rest of the plate but feels a bit flat, so I tore small pieces and, using matte sealer, applied them over this area. The effect can be seen on the main print plate above.

Both adjustments worked well and the result is what I wanted. Some of the media used on this plate are new to me, so it’s a lot of experimentation finding out how they take the ink.


About Claire B

I am a passionate printmaker, paper maker and book artist. I'm a 'forever' student and frequently attend courses and workshops to extend and improve my creative skills.
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