2021 10 18 Image of the week

My chosen image back on 5th August 2019 was entitled ‘Dogs delight, owners nightmare’ and depicted a smashed up bush-trail bridge which I had navigated several times. I’m pleased to say that shortly after that post some very kind, anonymous, person (or persons) made some major repairs and the crossing is now fully restored and robust.

However, Jack (my beagle) and I, being avid bush explorers and knowing about a ‘hidden’ cave decided to veer onto a little used trail to search for it. I knew, from several years ago, that it was approached on both sides by wooden bridges but I was unprepared for what I found.

Dogs and owners nightmare!

This image has been taken after we gingerly shuffled across, with very little to hold on to and quite a steep drop both directly below and to the side of us.

There’s no image of the bridge on the other side of the cave as it was lying collapsed and broken amongst the rocks. I’ll leave it to my readers imagination how we managed. Suffice it to say that all clothing ended up in the washing machine on our return home.

Certainly an adventure but I think I’ll give this trail a miss for now, unless that anonymous person happens along with his repair kit.

About Claire B

I'm a passionate printmaker, paper-maker and a poor sketcher (which I'm working to improve). I've stitched from early childhood and am a perpetual student, loving learning and participating in everything creative.
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5 Responses to 2021 10 18 Image of the week

  1. smam85 says:

    Wow, you and your dog are certainly intrepid explorers, well done!

  2. smam85 says:

    Possibly, but sometimes risks are worth taking!

  3. Gillian Fox says:

    Well you are braver than I xx

    • Claire B says:

      Hi Gillian. It was more precarious than I thought but once I was partly across I wasn’t going to try to turn around! The other side of the cave was done mainly on my bottom edging down an incline while watching Jack happily jumping from rock to rock. I’d like to say that if I was 10 or 15 years younger …… but I don’t think it would have made a difference.

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