Making Boxes from my stash

Over the last couple of years I’ve enjoyed a lot of monoprinting using stencils, masks and pattern-creation with textured items. I’ve amassed quite a stash of prints.

A few of us decided to cut up our prints and create small boxes, in which we would put a tiny gift, to give away to brighten someone’s day. Our box sizes vary but all will fit a wrapped chocolate inside, and who doesn’t like chocolate?

Of course, we started with yet another day of printing because we figured you can never have enough pieces to work with. My aim, in this session, was to work using stencils to create both positive and negative prints.

All were made using acrylic paints, either Matisse Flow or Atelier Interactive, and these are terrific for this type of printing as the paint transfer to paper is easily achieved using hand-pressure, no need for a press. And they’re quick drying.

Each of the prints above are shown vertically in sets of two, the positive and negative of each stencil, some with an additional layer of colour. This was a project with no subtlety of colour, the brighter the better, with the aim of cheerfulness. I intended using one set for each box.

I quickly realised that mixing and matching these ‘sets’ with all my other prints resulted in much more interesting and dynamic pieces rather than keeping them in their original pairs. Below is a photo of the ones I’ve constructed so far. The bases are turned up side down, so you can see the monoprints, with the lids resting atop.

I thought I was doing pretty well, having completed 16, until my friend Lee sent me a photo of her 32!

She’s already filled hers with chocolates and is giving them away. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone gave you one of these totally out of the blue? Lock-down is so miserable and some people are really having a tough time, it’s lovely to bring a bit of cheer where we can.


About Claire B

I am a passionate printmaker, paper maker and book artist. I'm a 'forever' student and frequently attend courses and workshops to extend and improve my creative skills.
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12 Responses to Making Boxes from my stash

  1. Jo says:

    What a beautiful project, well done. Just wondering what gsm paper would be best for the little boxes, does it need to be watercolour?

    • Claire B says:

      I’ve used 110gsm cartridge. I’ve seen them done in 125gsm but any thicker than that you can’t make the folds as the boxes are quite small. The top measures between 6-7cm once fully formed.

  2. Mary Hedges says:

    Lovely thought!

  3. Gillian Fox says:

    I think they look lovely – and who would not want to receive one of them with a chocolate inside!

    • Claire B says:

      Hi Gillian, these are lovely little boxes to make. You think you know how they will turn out from the print you select but they’re always a surprise. Now I want to give them away but we’re in a strict lock-down and can’t leave the house except for essential services.

  4. Gorgeous, Claire, what a terrific thing to do.

  5. Jon Amdall says:

    Those are great! Are the boxes pretty easy to fold the paper into?

    • Claire B says:

      Hi Jon, yes they are super easy to make. I also run a blog for Primrose Paper Arts (which takes up a lot of my creativity but I enjoy it) and I posted a tutorial and other samples of boxes in this post so check it out.
      If you’re interested, we have also just held our first on-line exhibition on that site. There’s a welcome ‘foyer’ and 8 individual galleries, with some stunning art works on display. Just put Rusted On in the search field and click on each gallery. Enjoy!

      • Jon Amdall says:

        Wow, thank you for sharing this! I only know how to make one origami thing, which is a frog that jumps when you press on it. My kids love the frogs, so this will be a second fun thing we can make together. Plus, a nice bonus is we can put the frogs we make inside the boxes we make.

        Also, I had no idea you ran a second blog – subscribed!

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