Finally back to teaching

After a very long time in full- and semi-lockdown I am delighted to have been engaged to teach a weekend workshop at Hazelhurst Gallery & Arts Centre.

Entitled ‘Book Making for Artists‘ this 2 day weekend event will introduce participants to 2 different styles of books.

We will start by creating an offset double-concertina with a hard cover, followed by a larger book incorporating front and back hinges. Participants will learn stitching methods to form decorative visible patterns along their book spine.

This course is offered by:

Hazelhurst Gallery & Arts Centre
782 Kingsway
Gymea, NSW 2227

Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 November, 10am-4pm

Note: Due to covid restrictions necessitating reduced class numbers there are only 2 spots still available. So if you’re interested click on the above button and enrol soon.


About Claire B

I am a passionate printmaker, paper maker and book artist. I'm a 'forever' student and frequently attend courses and workshops to extend and improve my creative skills.
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2 Responses to Finally back to teaching

  1. Mary Hedges says:

    Great, Claire!

    • Claire B says:

      At last I feel like I’m coming out of hibernation. It should be a great weekend and I’m told there are only 2 places still available, so that’s a positive. Obviously everyone feels the same way as me and they are itching to get back to something creative.

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