Part 3: Monoprinted vignettes

Finally every page printed.  32 different plants printed in isolation, each showcased in their own right.  Here is a selection.

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I also printed some of my book pages without the background.  The plants are so lovely on their own I didn’t want to clutter them.

Having decided how the book construction should look I spent half a day making some handmade paper as fly leaves between the sections.  Using recycled cotton rag paper scraps combined with banana tree pulp I created the finest paper I’ve ever made.  Hold it up to the window and I can see through it. . . well, almost.

These sheets, now dry, have been cut to size and attached to a  more robust plant fibre paper to be sewn into the spine.

About Claire B

I'm a passionate printmaker, paper-maker and a poor sketcher (which I'm working to improve). I've stitched from early childhood and am a perpetual student, loving learning and participating in everything creative.
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3 Responses to Part 3: Monoprinted vignettes

  1. Gillian Fox says:

    Really quite lovely, but then I am very fond of anything with leaves on. I love them being uncluttered, you can really see their beauty.

    • Claire B says:

      This has been a very satisfying project, Gillian. It’s made me concentrate on every different leaf and plant I come across on my walks. I suppose I usually notice things as general bushy surroundings but this print project has made me focus on the individuality of each plant and leaf, and consider their properties and whether they will have print definition. I now have a good collection of dried plants to work from in the future, which is a bonus!

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