Design Play: Exercise 5 – Collecting textures – Part 1

Goal: To create a resource of both found and self-created textures for future reference and to stimulate ideas.

I’m planning my next print project which will involve producing prints from textural collagraphs and as I have fairly specific imagery in mind it seems like a good time to explore a variety of textures and see what might work for my theme.

External images:

Pictures labelled left to right.
Row 1: log pile, algae on water pipeline, rust spots on water pipeline
Row 2: rust section on water pipeline, grass tree fronds, tangled dead twigs, garden wall
Row 3: industrial machinery, Virginia King sculpture, Banksia flower head
Row 4: wind eroded rock face, sea over sand, gourd skin
Row 5: fungi on burnt log, water on Bamboo leaf, rotted and disintegrated grass tree, sand

Internal (in my home) images:

Pictures labelled left to right.
Row 1: rattan coasters, citrus peel soap, rubber non-slip mat
Row 2: wood shavings, cut dowel, woven wool, cling-film
Row 3: felted art piece, back of pan scourer, used blister pack, shredded paper
Row 4: worn varnished wood, spiral-bound diary, Nubuck suede, unwashed frying pan
Row 5: woolen sock, cotton buds, string, halogen light, jean pocket

This has produced a range of ideas to explore and my next sample range will be my own created textures.  This might look like a basic exercise to many but it’s a great way to get your brain working and thinking, as well as really turning your eyes on to see what is around you.


About Claire B

I am a passionate printmaker, paper maker and book artist. I'm a 'forever' student and frequently attend courses and workshops to extend and improve my creative skills.
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