Drawing: ‘Shrink’ figures

Inspired by a couple of blogs I follow, both owners being amazing at drawing, a couple of weeks ago I bought a book on figure drawing.

It’s unusual for me to follow a blog based around the talent of a person able to depict the most amazing renditions of figures and not feel daunted.  But for once I feel inspired.  I see these bloggers sketching people they see on the train (and making up stories about them! Love it), catching their kids and families and even bringing iconic TV and film figures to life.

OK, so what they do is beyond me, but on occasion they post about their own uncertainties, their own creative journeys and expectations.  It reminds me that everyone is human and I need to accept that I’ll be working to my own capacity and , hopefully, I can be satisfied with that.

So, starting on page one of my new ‘best friend’ book I got out some drawing materials and continued with my one & twenty drawing routine (one minute to look and think about what is in front of me and twenty minutes to draw).  The idea, at this initial stage, is to just do something and not to agonise over it.  In other words, I need to shove my personality into a dark box out of sight!

The foreword to this section reads (in part):
The fear of drawing people incorrectly can be inhibiting … Quickly drawing miniature figures relieves the pressure to achieve something grand.

Got it.  Understood.  I took a box of kids crayons.  I mean, really, how well can you draw with them?  Touch the paper and they instantly blunt into a fat misshapen blob.  Guaranteed not to get a good result – just what I’m after!You enjoying having a good laugh?  Yeah, me too!!  But it’s a fun start.  Gosh I’m rubbish at this but who actually cares?

Looking carefully at my ‘blobs’ I see that on quite a few the proportions aren’t actually too bad (except the guy with the conical head perhaps!).

There’s a bit of life, some movement (even if I’m sure my limbs don’t necessarily bend in those positions) and I can distinguish ‘body parts’.

A quick trip to the gym and I was back at it.  Thought I’d show some of the exercises I did.

Well, what can I say?  Thank heavens this section is entitled “Shrink”!!
On to page 2.
Hope I’ve brought a smile to your face today, because I’m grinning from ear to ear.


About Claire B

I am a passionate printmaker, paper maker and book artist. I'm a 'forever' student and frequently attend courses and workshops to extend and improve my creative skills.
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2 Responses to Drawing: ‘Shrink’ figures

  1. apennypiece says:

    It’s a brave thing, life drawing and especially portraits unless you have been studying that process for ages so I admire you for visiting this subject. Sometimes gaining an idea of intention or activity and general character is I think more important that if it’s anatomically correct. I love LS Lowrie’s depictions of crowds and many of their features limbs are exaggerated on purpose….

    • Claire B says:

      Thanks for the comment Penny. I too enjoy LS Lowry and his sometimes ‘matchstick’ people. Anatomically correct definitely isn’t where I’m going, trying to be a bit looser and random than that.

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