The whitest of white

A day of paper-making this week produced some pristine white A4 sheets ready for printing on in a couple of weeks.

Using scraps of recycled cotton rag paper from off-cuts of old prints the result was 20 sheets, smooth on one side, textural on the other – giving me a choice of print outcomes for my upcoming project.


About Claire B

I am a passionate printmaker, paper maker and book artist. I'm a 'forever' student and frequently attend courses and workshops to extend and improve my creative skills.
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2 Responses to The whitest of white

  1. ainescannell says:

    Have not visited your blog in ages. – how delightful for you to have created these papers for yourself! Wouldn’t it be great if we were able to create paper similar to lightweight mulberry paper?

  2. Claire B says:

    Hi Aine, thanks for stopping by. I love making paper and guess what? I’ve got some fibre from the kozo (Paper Mulberry) plant which I’ve chopped up and am ready to soak and pulp, to make into exactly what you’ve described – lightweight mulberry paper. I also have some kenaf fibre which is part of the hibiscus family and is described as being similar to jute and a type of hemp.
    Really looking forward to playing with that.
    By the way, I love your site and your prints, especially each of the series titled ‘tracings’. Complex layering and energizing outcomes. That’s the beauty of printmaking, every person and every outcome is so unique and unexpected. I could spend hours just trolling through printmaking sites!

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