Monoprinting: Linear Containment – Final Stage

The final goal for this project has been to create some A4 sheets of handmade paper embellished/decorated/manipulated to a specific theme for inclusion in a collaborative project to be exhibited in March.  At this stage I am bound to keep the theme and overall project within the group, until it is revealed at the venue.  Suffice it to say that it will be a large installation.

I can, however, reveal my submitted pieces as they will be utilized in ways as yet unknown to me and may not even resemble their present state.  The exhibition coordinators and constructionists will decide how to incorporate individual components and whether they will remain whole, torn, twisted, re-wet and cast or whatever.

My printed and stitched papers represent a semi-abstract idea of patchwork quilting.  Much quilting involves the use of precisely cut shapes which are then fitted together to produce a whole.  I’ve utilized a range of lines and colours with shapes overlapping and interconnecting to produce this body of work.

Above: Back-drawn lines and triangles with stitched torn shapes.

Above: Back-drawn and lightly hand-pressed, ghost masks, torn prints stitched to surface.

Above: Printed masks with overlaid back-drawing and stitched outline sections.

These pieces were received with enthusiasm by the group I’m working with and I now wait to see what they do with them.


However, I’ve also picked my personal favourites from the 5 stages of this idea development:

The print above has a softer look than most of the series, less cluttered, good placement of positive and negative masks, and a pleasing reduced colour palette.  The background grey is a mix of sepia and pthalo blue, and is the negative remaining after some of the line-drawn prints.  The two coloured masks are also pre-used stencils that had good remaining colour and patterning, just begging to be used again.

In this print I am drawn to the deeply coloured vertical background and the strong shapes sitting atop it.  The linked triangles work particularly well and the colour scheme is well-balanced with additional interest in the two partially stencilled smaller triangles.  The addition of the overall irregular shape (but still with the illusion of a rectangular print) whereby the triangles fall outside the structured background I find particularly appealing.

About Claire B

I'm a passionate printmaker, paper-maker and a poor sketcher (which I'm working to improve). I've stitched from early childhood and am a perpetual student, loving learning and participating in everything creative.
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