Print 1. Assignment 5: Tutor feedback

Responding to tutor feedback

I won’t be going through all my tutor wrote regarding my submission for assignment 5, but overall I’m pleased with her feedback for the work I’ve done and I appreciate where she detailed both positives and areas to improve.

As usual she has sent some really good resources for me to follow up with regard to other printmakers to research.  I’m slowly building a list of those I’ve previously explored (so easy to forget as time goes by) and ones who are new to me.  I hope to include some of these in my coursework during Printmaking 2.

Project 13.

She gave some very valuable advice regarding the content of my sketchbook and how to explore my subjects in a more varied way using numerous styles and techniques, which should throw up more ideas and avenues to pursue in future.  She also introduced me to Mark Gertler, and especially his carousel paintings (click here to see an image).  I then followed his name through numerous google searches and stumbled across Marie Vassilieff and her wonderful piece entitled ‘Le Manege’, amongst other fascinating pieces.


Marie Vassilieff, Le Manege, dated at sale in 1979 as c 1915.

Both artists paint quite flatly, which is a style I enjoy, although with very different outcomes.  Both will go on my list of artists to look at further in the future.

Project 14.

Here my tutor writes about exploring marks, patterns and colours as opposed to representation and this is something I would like to go further into.  I have a tendency towards representation, which I like doing and like amongst other artists, but perhaps I should be trying something entirely different and move into more abstract prints and mark-making.

On the occasions I work in a freer more abstract fashion I enjoy the outcomes, they are always unexpected and never the way I see myself.  Maybe I’m missing an entire facet of my personality and creativity – yet to discover.  In Printmaking 2 I will have another 18 months or so to develop and I should make this a time of more radical experimentation.

Project 15.

Some really good concrete advice on drawing, doodling, photography and the production of source material here.  Not only that but she has asked me questions about how I see things, am I drawing the obvious, should I set myself a drawing brief and the like.  I’ve honestly never thought of it in this manner before so this week (before enrolling for the next course) I’m going to head out with a sketch pad, keep in mind her suggestions, and try to look at things differently.

I appreciate her remarks that my ‘fritta clothing co’ prints look very design logo rather than terribly creative but, in my defence, that was my intention.  I wanted to create a viable commercial brand logo to rival Billabong and I stand by the outcome as it achieved exactly what I wanted.  However, I fully understand her comments and what she is trying to tell me.

P1-A5-T3dHer comment re my final piece of work for project 15 is interesting – this relates to my complete change from a monoprinted building block to a totally abstract interpretation of the same subject.  She writes  “The final selection of a more experimental print with mark making has also much going for it, but overall this project is not concluded.“.  This could relate to the fact that I only did one print, I didn’t continue to experiment and take it further, didn’t explore the concept and develop it in another manner and just see where it went.  She’s right of course.

Numerous things were in play the day I made this abstract print including a seriously overdue deadline, the need to produce something from the idea and a desperation to move away from representational imagery.  It sounds bad, doesn’t it?  It seems like I rushed through and just submitted ‘any old thing’ but that wasn’t the case.  This piece came out of a desire to use up all the small puddles of ink I had mixed into a wonderful array of colours.  I simply couldn’t  scrape them up and chuck them out.  I thought I would doodle and ponder about apartments, boxes, connections and the like whilst just drawing whatever came to mind.  This was the result and it gave me a great sense of satisfaction.  I hadn’t thought I would produce anything usable, I was just messing about with the theme believing I would have to come back to it the following day and work on a totally new piece, but the outcome I achieved gave me something new and exciting.

I understand she feels it’s not fully concluded.  More work could be done and it could be developed further.  Perhaps it’s only a start point for me to branch out into other areas.  Since receiving my tutor report I’ve been back through my coursework and isolated some places where I’ve looked at lines & connections and created more random mark-making and printed outcomes.  I’ve chopped up prints to focus in on small areas and added them to my resource material.

Assign5-TR2Assign5-TR3And I particularly like the back of the Chinese paper on which I printed the layered woodcut with Gary Shinfield.

Assign5-TR4So, still a long way to go but much encouragement from my Printmaking 1 course tutor.

Resources: – Marie Vassilieff image

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I'm a passionate printmaker, paper-maker and a poor sketcher (which I'm working to improve). I've stitched from early childhood and am a perpetual student, loving learning and participating in everything creative.
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