Print 1. Project 15: Design 1

Beach-wear and accessory brand: Combined lino & monoprint.

Whilst at Cronulla with my camera last week I wasn’t just aware of my generalised surroundings and scenery, I was also people-watching.  One things that struck me is how popular Billabong brand beach and casual wear is.  Everyone was wearing it.  I tried to think who their main rival is but, not being in the surf/beach world, I couldn’t come up with a viable alternative.  So I decided to create my own brand and logo.

P15 D1aIn my photos I’d caught a wooden slatted bin with a metal insert.  (Quite old-fashioned because nowadays they have enclosed square bins with plastic liners.)  Remove the legs and it reminded me of an office waste paper bin.

I liked the wooden panels and I liked the wood grain.  So, after drawing the bin with more detail, I started to dis-assemble it into a pile of planks.

P15-D1bI was also working on a brand name.  I concentrated on WASTE – from waste paper bin – and wrote down some related words and checked the thesaurus.  It gave me a lot of options including ‘fritter’.  To fritter something away – waste it.  My outline sketch of wood planks brought to mind chips (Australians: read ‘hot chips’ here as opposed to chips which are called crisps in the UK – anyone else: well, just work it out!).  What are other names for chips?  French fries, pommes frites.  My husband is French, so pommes frites is a term I know well.  Seems to relate (in the main – sound-wise) to fritter.

Fritter.  Now let’s make it my own: friter, fritta, frita, phrita.  Fritta works for me.  The ‘fritta clothing co’.  A brand is born.

P15-D1cNote: Being left-handed my sketchbook work tends to move from right to left so my hand stays off where I’ve previously worked.

I played with the concept on Photoshop, finally coming up with a logo and background for it to sit on.  I carved the lino and took a rubbing to check the balance (in reverse obviously) and mixed up my chosen colour palette.  I am aiming this campaign at the 14-35 year old male market, hence my choice of mainly blues and greens.

P15-D1dI copied the cut lino and made positive and negative masks.

P15-D1eImages from top: A positive mask was placed under a sheet of thick acetate and heavily extended inks were applied by brush, followed by a light roller.  Middle: Clingfilm (Gladwrap) was crumpled on to the surface.  Bottom: A negative mask was placed over the inked acetate and a print was taken.

This is the first time I have ever cut a lino block surround to the shape of the design so that has been an interesting experience.  A proof of the block was taken (followed by further carving).

P15-D1fHerewith a sample of the prints:

P15-D1gPale yellow Kozo 60 paper which has increased the green appearance of the base layer.

P15-D1hGyokuryu paper.  A perfect clean image.

P15-D1jAwagami Bamboo.  The first time I’ve used this paper and the smooth surface takes the ink so well.  I think it’s around 150gsm.  Slight variation in colour in the word ‘clothing’.

I then superimposed my brand onto some clothing to see just how it would look.

Multi-shirtOverall an excellent result.  Very fiddly but enjoyable with plenty of challenges.  Also scope to use other colour schemes on dark clothing where necessary or embroider in place.


About Claire B

I am a passionate printmaker, paper maker and book artist. I'm a 'forever' student and frequently attend courses and workshops to extend and improve my creative skills.
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6 Responses to Print 1. Project 15: Design 1

  1. fibresofbeing says:

    Interesting to see the development of your ideas.

    • Claire B says:

      I think I have a slightly wacky brain, Judy. Remember my drawing of the surf dude and his shorts which we discussed? They have turned into a reduction lino print design for a beach towel and don’t even remotely resemble shorts or swimming trunks ….. or kind of anything other than a fascinating (and very detailed) colour and shape exploration.

  2. Clee says:

    Every time I see what you have achieved I am amazed?

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