Print 1. Project 13: Further prints.

I know I’m supposed to be moving on but I just couldn’t resist another couple of horse prints.  Yes, I’ve completed the exercise but where’s the fun if that’s all I aspire to do?  So I dedicated today to play a bit more with colours and techniques.

My theme was blue and green with a touch of red and yellow.

P13-F9Left: 110gsm cartridge paper, teal horses proof.  I find that the lino block works much better if a few prints have been taken on cartridge paper first (and it’s a good way to test the colour scheme before using more expensive paper).  New ink seems to adhere well when there is a little remaining from a previous run.  Right: Awagama Hosho paper.  Blue and green inks were mixed with around 75%-80% extender so they became very translucent.  Using small rollers these were rolled across the foamex surface several times, overlapping and mixing until there were no roller lines visible.  The ink was removed from the flowers and they were hand-painted in red.  Bubble-wrap was lightly pressed on the far right hand side and the mask was applied.  You can see in the print that there is more white showing through on the right because of the bubble-wrap texture.  When the lino was prepared, I again removed the ink from the flowers using a cotton bud and re-coloured them by brush with yellow.  Once this was printed they became green as they mixed with the blue below.

P13-F10Left: Awagama Hosho paper.  No bubble-wrap was used in this print.  The colour of the flowers was reversed, with the yellow ones on the foamex and the red on the lino.  This created a cleaner and clearer outcome in those areas.  The differentiation between the blue and green rolling wasn’t terribly evident so I brushed yellow over some sections to give me a brighter green.  I didn’t use the mask.  Right: Chinese cotton paper (fairly lightweight).  This print is very similar to the previous one but bubble-wrap was applied to the base, as I like the effect, and the mask was used.

The mood created by this colour scheme is totally different to the previous samples which were dark horses and a very yellow based background.  There I felt the vibrancy and excitement of the fun fair, here I feel calmer and the background seems like rippling water.

About Claire B

I'm a passionate printmaker, paper-maker and a poor sketcher (which I'm working to improve). I've stitched from early childhood and am a perpetual student, loving learning and participating in everything creative.
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