2015 Property Buyer Expo

My OCA coursework has been suffering terribly lately.  Having had 2 1/2 weeks away in the USA I came back to the frantic last-minute organisation of our company attendance at the new Sydney Property Buyer Expo this last weekend.  Three days presenting the most professional front we could to the visiting public; those who are either already property investors or  looking at getting into the market.

Our exhibitor stand was 6m x 2.4m and I had the graphics to design, across three partitions.

MFP-Expo-StandIn addition there was to be a matching ‘pop-up’ table and a 1.8m table cloth ‘throw’.  Having sent the general design outline to our graphics company I was delighted to see the images above come back.  Fingers crossed that the actual printed cloth would look as good.

PBE1PBE2Great result.  Shame the printer didn’t manage exactly the same colour result on the tablecloth but I suspect different fabrics take the printed colour differently. However, I can live with it.  Note: You may just be able to see our logo far left, in the background, on the Stage 3 screen.  We sponsored this venue.

Now, what about the promotional material?  I reckoned my Photoshop skills were good enough to produce the seminar and focus group session flyers myself.  I was aiming for two very diverse outcomes so the different presentations couldn’t be accidentally mixed up (awkward to have people pre-booked into the wrong event!).

Stage-presentation-flyerFocus-session-flyerVery happy with these.  I’ve achieved good clear messages, without clutter and encompassing our company logo and motifs throughout.  The show now being over, I can report that these flyers were very successful and we filled the large stage presentations each day and also had 75%+ bookings for the smaller focus sessions – both brought us quality leads and definite new business.

PBE5Lastly, what should we put in the show-bags?  What message should we hand out to visitors to take away with them so we maintain a presence once they get home?

We decided to go with a DL size flyer advertising a prize on one side and our services on the other.  I designed a similar thing for a previous Expo and it worked very well.

Expo-flyerAgain, we have the company logo, both in full at the base of the front and as a watermark on both sides.  We call it the company ‘eye’.  We gave out hundreds of these flyers, also stapling our business cards to them so everyone knew who they had been talking to.

Along with the questionnaire paperwork we completed for each visitor I feel that we covered the event extremely well.   The feedback was excellent, the stand looked classy, the staff were in printed informal uniforms, we gave out chocolate money (everyone needs a sugar hit when walking around these huge shows for hours) and all 12 presentations were dynamic and interactive with many people actively taking part and asking questions.

Luckily I’m not in our company sales department, just marketing, so my job for this event is pretty much done.  It’s time for our property experts, Philippe & Micheal, to take over and start seeing some of the people we spoke to who are eager to meet and work with us.

I’m going back to my OCA studies.


About Claire B

I am a passionate printmaker, paper maker and book artist. I'm a 'forever' student and frequently attend courses and workshops to extend and improve my creative skills.
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