Print 1. Assignment 4: Submitted prints

For this assignment I have selected the following as a good representation of the prints achieved in this section:

Project 11 – working with texture plates.

P11-Coll6P11-CollabProject 12 – a representational image using a collagraph plate


Print 1/11

Details: Printed in two pulls using masks.  Main body rolled using sepia and red mixes.  Yellow dabbed on lampshade and brushed on vase & bowl.  Second pull laid down the wallpaper where the ink was applied with a dabber.  Background/lower relief kept completely clean.


Print 8/11

Details: No ink was rolled, the entire print was produced using dabbing (except brush work on vase and bowl) and only one pull.  Experimenting with a slightly rough textured brown elephant dung paper, using similar colour scheme as previous print.  Image sits well on the surface and the colour scheme complements the paper colour.  Ink was dabbed liberally onto the plate lower relief areas and this was picked up selectively by finger rubbing on the back of the print paper.  Well defined print with particularly sharp patterning on the wallpaper, flooring and lamp cable.  However, the mirror feels very heavy to me.

Print 11/11

Print 11/11

Details: No ink was rolled, the entire print was produced using dabbing (except brush work on vase and bowl) and only one pull.  More detail work was added compared to the previous sample; the mirror was cleaned using a cotton bud, a change of colour between the wall and floor created more dimension to the overall result.  The wallpaper was coloured using a very high proportion of extender to pigment to produce a translucent pale blue and this has pushed this part of the print to the rear.  In addition, it was applied with a much larger dabber which slipped into some of the lower areas of the texture making the pattern much less defined.  Again, I think this lack of definition helps to give the feeling of the wall sitting behind the furniture and rug.

These prints are nicely ‘framed’ in the space and are well contained with good composition and placement.


About Claire B

I am a passionate printmaker, paper maker and book artist. I'm a 'forever' student and frequently attend courses and workshops to extend and improve my creative skills.
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