Print 1. Project 8: Finalising the design

Reduction lino printing:
Working through design & colour placement ideas.

In Assignment 4 of Exploring Ideas I discovered the wonderful designs of the 1950’s, in particular Lucienne Day and Jacqueline Groag.  I was immediately taken with their design ideas as well as many by their contemporaries such as Sylvia Chalmers, Marian Mahler, Robert Stewart and Terence Conran.

P8-NAs you can see from the samples above I favour curvilinear abstract patterning, usually with dynamic colouring.  I’ve featured the Jacqueline Groag design Frames and Pebbles several times, demonstrating what a difference a colour palette can make to a design.  I adore all three shown here – and these aren’t the only colourways produced.

So as I previously stated, I’m aiming to create a piece that could be printed continuously on fabric, probably for upholstery, and one that fits with my personal design interest.  Note the use of the abstract circles in Project 7.

P8-DP8-EAbove is the line drawing template from my previous post, ready for colour to be applied.

I’ve decided to go with the yellow, pale blue, stronger blue and black colour scheme shown in this sample.  I’m also going to add a lot more black to create a deep and dramatic piece.

As can be seen from the line template, the shapes have been resized, elongated and overlapped in different ways to add variety to something that is intended as a large repeat design.

Note: The images below are photocopies, sometimes photocopies of photocopies, as I’ve tried out different colour formats.  Hence the reason for some differentiation in colour outcomes in this post.  Some have had further colours applied to give a better idea of the final proposed print but some haven’t.

P8-FIt’s very hard to see here which shapes are more yellow than pale green but (looking at the samples in my hand) this is the initial yellow, pale green, darker green and black layering I’m happy with.

P8-GOn this piece I applied more colour so you can see there are 3 yellow frames with some shading, 3 pale green frames with darker shading and 1 dark green frame with black shading.

Not 100% happy with this design as the frames and squares seem to be floating and the right hand side is very heavy.  What would happen if I move the black to the left?

P8-HSorry, again I haven’t re-coloured the shapes on the photocopied photocopy.  I much prefer the black on this piece and I had the sense to create a white frame around the shapes so they don’t become entirely consumed.  Yes, I like this, but how do I resolve the colour placement on the right now?

P8-JOK…. thinking, thinking.  This actually looks better on the computer screen that it does in real life.  It’s leaning towards being very heavy, although it would certainly create a wonderful dramatic fabric.  Let’s look at it in various layouts:

Solid-design-repeatSimple pattern repeat.

Solid-design-repeat-rotatedRotated pattern repeat.Solid-design-repeat-mirrored

Mirrored pattern repeat.

P8-PThey don’t match up 100% in every section, but this is the sample after all.  I feel it’s a little heavy and intense after all.

When I was drawing in the black line on the wide side bar I accidentally slipped and missed the edge of the section.  I liked it so I continued down the line and did it a couple more times.

This gave me an idea about how to keep the wavy line look but reduce the heaviness of the printing.

P8-KNow this I like!  Not quite so overwhelmingly green.  I’m ready to resize it to fit my lino piece, straighten the design up a bit and start cutting the first print layer.

I’ve come a long way from my start point with the bathroom tile about 3 years ago.

P8-LResources for internet images montage:


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