Print 1. Project 5 revisited.

Having printed some new images for project 6 and with my new roller having arrived today I thought that a few practice pieces were in order whilst trying it out.  Hence the reason for back-tracking and printing a few more lino-prints from my original cut piece for project 5.

Roller comparison:

Roller-comparisonMy new Japanese roller is 8″ whilst the one I’ve used up to now is 6″.  The rubber is much thicker, around 1cm visible depth, smooth and with a slightly soft surface.  The red roller has a very shallow hard rubber coating.  The first thing I did was try both out on my glass work surface.  Sure enough the red roller missed areas and didn’t give an even coverage, whilst the bigger roller deposited a beautiful smooth ink layer.

There are a couple of disadvantages with the bigger roller.  Firstly it’s very heavy, but I expect I’ll get used to that and, secondly, the stand it has to rest on when not rolling is very small and short.  It’s quite clear in the picture on the right, there is a small metal strut that it rests on.  Because the red roller is lightweight and the resting strut is long and part of the handle it sits off the print surface when turned upside down.  This can be seen in the first picture.  However, with the bulk of the weight of the new roller being in the roller itself the resting strut holds the handle off the work surface but the roller sits on it.  Will this damage the roller over time if it sits in one position on one area of the roller for an extended time when I’m not using it?  Perhaps that explains why I see rollers hanging up in print studios.

Anyway, to my new prints:

Print1-P5-finalALeft: first trial on newsprint. 50% ultramarine blue +50% extender.  Right: Somerset 250gsm.

Print1-P5-finalBLeft: Hahnemuhle 350gsm.  Unfortunately the pressure slipped a bit on one corner.  Right: Arches 300gsm (or perhaps 350gsm, unsure).  Phthalo green was added to the mix.  I think the paper was too wet as there is evidence of colour bleeding throughout.  I don’t have a lot of luck with Arches paper and won’t buy it again when I run out.

Print1-P5-finalCBFK Reeves 250gsm.  A great final print.

Overall a good learning day.  I love the new roller, the Gamsol cleans up much more quickly than my previous routine and it’s saving quite a bit of time.  Finally things are looking up.


About Claire B

I'm a passionate printmaker, paper-maker and a poor sketcher (which I'm working to improve). I've stitched from early childhood and am a perpetual student, loving learning and participating in everything creative.
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