Print 1. Assignment 1: Monoprints

This assignment is being submitted on-line through my learning log.  Here are the prints I have chosen from the earlier projects.

Task 1 (Project 1)

Two early experimental prints (blog post 11/6/14 & 20/6/14):

P1-A1-Task1AP1-A1-Task1BA printed study from life (blog post (4/7/14):

P1-A1-Task1CTwo later experiments (blog post 7/7/14 & 9/7/14):

P1-A1-Task1EP1-A1-Task1DTask 2 (Project 2)

One positive and one negative masked monoprint (blog post 23/7/14):
I’ve added an extra one that I’m particularly keen on.

P1-A1-Task2AP1-A1-Task2BTask 3 (Project 3)

Two contrasting masked prints in two colours (blog post 11/8/14 & 12/8/14):


Prints showing experiments in texture and surface detail (blog post 18/8/14 & 29/8/14):

P1-A1-Task3CP1-A1-Task3DP1-A1-Task3EP1-A1-Task3FBack-drawn monoprints from life (blog post 7/9/14):

P1-A1-Task3GTask 4 (Project 4)

Four contrasting monoprints on different subjects (blog posts 19/9/14, 22/9/14, 23/9/14 & 19/10/14):

P1-A1-Task4AP1-A1-Task4BP1-A1-Task4CP1-A1-Task4DPreparatory work will be detailed in the next post.


About Claire B

I am a passionate printmaker, paper maker and book artist. I'm a 'forever' student and frequently attend courses and workshops to extend and improve my creative skills.
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3 Responses to Print 1. Assignment 1: Monoprints

  1. liromad says:

    Lovely work! I particularly like the textures in the plant studies (clover?). Great colours too.

    • Claire B says:

      Thanks Liz. Yes it’s a clover like weed, quite a bit bigger than the clover in the UK and on a very long stem. I couldn’t believe how well it came out.
      The whole course is a steep learning curve and now I’m at the end of the first assignment I’m getting more confidence, and I’m sure that’s the reason the prints seem to be improving at the same time.

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