Print 1. Project 3: Backdrawing stage 1

Again, I started with something simple to get the idea of back drawing.

Print1-P3-Backdrawing9 The plate was inked with red, a previous ghost print of my eagle design was placed over the surface and a design was drawn on to the paper.  It’s hard to keep hands clear.  The original drawing looks better than the print.

Print1-P3-Backdrawing1Oil paint was applied to the print plate, cartridge paper was placed over this and the above was drawn on the back of the paper.

Print1-P3-Backdrawing2I adore the result even though it’s not a clean print.  I obviously rolled the ink too thickly, and probably diluted it a little too much, as much of the paper has picked up additional background ink from the plate.

Print1-P3-Backdrawing3Using the same type of image I kept the ink thicker and more sticky, but managed to roll it very lightly on the plate.  This image has been printed on calico.  Being a textile person I’d like to have some prints on fabric which I can stitch on, or use in other ways, in the future.

In this case I wanted a definite edge to the print so ran my fingers around the plate edge to ensure transfer of ink.  Even though the calico was ironed well the original fold lines can still be seen both across and down the image.  Washing first and then ironing should avoid this in future.

Print1-P3-Backdrawing4This cartridge paper print is a negative, showing what was left on the plate after the calico print.  The fabric folds have left quite an impression here.

Print1-P3-Backdrawing5Dark olive-green was lightly rolled across the plate and this design was drawn on the back of the cartridge paper using a 6B pencil.  A very clean print transfer.  Not great drawing but I was concentrating on keeping the pressure off the paper and just touching the paper with the pencil end.

Print1-P3-Backdrawing6100gsm beige pastel paper.  The design was initially drawn on photocopy paper and, once the plate was inked and the pastel paper in place, the lines were traced using a stylus.

Print1-P3-Backdrawing7I liked this design so I used it again, with slight changes, on a piece of calico.

Earlier in the course, when I was using up left-over ink, I tried a bit of back drawing.  In the case below I lightly pressed the paper into the ink first so I got a good transfer before using a pencil to draw the image.  Not a particularly sophisticated design but it was my first trial and has transferred well.




About Claire B

I'm a passionate printmaker, paper-maker and a poor sketcher (which I'm working to improve). I've stitched from early childhood and am a perpetual student, loving learning and participating in everything creative.
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