Print 1. Project 3: Multicolour prints – progress.

Multicolour prints – three layers.

All prints are on 110gsm cartridge paper except the ghost print which is on 80gsm photocopy paper.

Print1-P3-multi1Using one of my green prints previously shown I offset the mask and printed the grey eagle.  Once dry, I mixed a blue/black and masked the eagle shape before applying the ink.  This print didn’t go through the press as I wanted to see the difference between my hand pressure and the press pressure.  To achieve an overall even coverage the press works best.

Print1-P3-multi2This is the ghost print of the one above.  I put this through the press and the difference in the smooth appearance is evident.

Print1-P3-multi3Print1-P3-multi6The yellow eagle was applied on top of, but offset, the previous green image.  Until now I haven’t tried my oil extender medium so I took a little of the previous blue/black and added it to a large amount of extender.  The ratio was around 1 to 10.  This was then thinned and rolled onto a spare glass plate.  I unevenly added a tiny bit more ink to the roller to give a slight variegation in colour.  This was roughly rolled on to the print plate using a small roller and moving in multiple directions.  Hence the colour variation in the background.  This was printed through the press.  I’m very happy with this result and carried on along this route.

Print1-P3-multi4Print1-P3-multi7A grey surround was printed fairly evenly around the green eagle.  Once dry, two eagle masks were applied and the extended blue/black (re previous sample) was lightly rolled on to the plate.  This was then printed by uneven hand pressure although I pressed well around the edges of the masks to ensure the images were as sharp as possible.  Again, I think this is a good textural result.

Print1-P3-multi5P3-St1gThe above print was produced using the less than successful print from my blog post of August 11th.  I scraped up the last of the extended blue/black – which was mostly extender as opposed to colour – and printed the surround by hand.

I find this one very interesting.  In my original post I commented on this new yellow, a different brand, and how much more liquid it is, so making an even coverage very difficult.  Having hand pressed my extended ink over the top of this I see it has adhered mainly to the areas where there is either less or no yellow.  Again, I pressed firmly around the image shape to obtain definition.


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I am a passionate printmaker, paper maker and book artist. I'm a 'forever' student and frequently attend courses and workshops to extend and improve my creative skills.
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