Assignment 5 – Stage 3: Inspirational Material

Examining subject matter.

I have chosen to base my work around algae, specifically underwater algae; the effects as it covers rocks and sea floor and encroaches on  man-made garbage and waste in our oceans, assimilating and transforming them into unrecognisable eerie shapes.

My source inspiration comes from the following places:

  • The work of Ed Pien and his dimensional walk-through art works depicting underwater life.  The ‘reveal and conceal’ nature of what is exposed and what is hidden within.
  • The rubbish collection of John Dahlsen and the assimilation of them into his art practice.
  • The many, many photos I have taken of rock pools, algae covered surfaces as the tide recedes and other marine plant life – not forgetting the empty drink cans and bottles.
  • The colours within an algae / rock / underwater scenario.  They appeal to me enormously, hence the reason I explored natural dyeing further as these earthy colours fit within this range.
  • A long-standing fascination with ground cover, terrain and the ocean floor demonstrated by pieces I have created in the past (not all within my OCA time but proving this is a long-held interest of mine).
  • Recent newspaper and magazine articles highlighting the effects discarded man-made wastage is having upon our environment.

P5-S3aAbove: Sydney Morning Herald, 7/3/14, Page 4.

P5-S3tHMAS Adelaide, photo by Ian James for Submerged Nation, Issue 02, Page 87.

Below: A few of my own pieces, made over the years, relating to ground cover and the ocean.  Whilst they are not part of this course they show my continuing interest in the world around me.

P5-S3mIce.  This triptych depicts a freezing stormy sea and an iceberg.  The embroidery and metal components at the base of each section indicate items trapped within many, many years ago.

P5-S3pPurlessence.  Oysters & pearls within the depths.

P5-S3lGecko Terrain.

P5-S3qOutgoing Tide.


P5-S3nCharred Earth.


About Claire B

I am a passionate printmaker, paper maker and book artist. I'm a 'forever' student and frequently attend courses and workshops to extend and improve my creative skills.
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5 Responses to Assignment 5 – Stage 3: Inspirational Material

  1. Phil says:

    As a scuba diver, I am saddened by the rubbish I sometimes see during my dives, so I empathise with artists like John Dahlsen on this subject.

  2. Jane (epocktextiles) says:

    Its good to seeso many of your pieces all together

    • Claire B says:

      And that’s just a few. I didn’t realise how often I’ve visited these subjects in the past, and in how many ways I’ve interpreted them.
      Time for a fresh look and some new techniques.

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