Assignment 5 – Stage 2

Sketchbooks and portfolio work.

At this stage I have picked 2, semi-overlapping, themes to consider developing further.

P6-S2-my-samplesTheme 1 – left: A lacy layered effect.  Theme 2 – right: A structured dimensional piece which also includes some distressing or torn / cut areas.

Both include techniques that are new to me, they give plenty of scope to transform / expand and they both equally hold my attention.  Whilst they are quite different in that the focus of one is a lacy effect whilst the other is a shaped and structured work they have several commonalities.  Their shared features include free motion embroidery, complementary colour schemes, lightweight fabrics, raw edges and raised features.  Listed characteristics, pinned on my work-board, are for guidance:

Source-Material-CharacteristicsP6-S2-AAbove: Theme 1 is represented by the intricate cut-paper work of Ed Pien.  Theme 2 is represented by Gemma Smith with some interesting geometric shapes that can be repositioned in many forms.  Different colours on each side give light and shadow effects.

P6-S2-BAbove: Dimensional textile samples.  Theme 1 is represented by Margaret Beal with her hanging based on a pile of tyres.  Theme 2 is represented by Janet Edmonds and Dawn Thorne.

P6-S2-CAbove: Exploring colour palettes and adding a highlight or focal colour to create contrast and focal interest.  Palette 4 has been chosen to work on further (bottom left sample)

P6-S2-DAbove: Expanding colour palette 4.

P6-S2-EAbove: Working on design options, both dimensional and flat.

P6-S2-FAbove: Sampling for Theme 2 – exploring shape making.

P6-S2-GAbove: Sampling for Theme 2 – exploring shape making.  Just a few of the models I made.  Not all are shown here.

P6-S2-HAbove: Mind-mapping for Theme 1.  Exploring algae and moss in conjunction with the Source Materials Characteristics word list above.  Detailing visuality, effects on other surfaces, texture, movement and other characteristics.

P6-S2-JAbove: Initial (basic & unfinished) drawing for Theme 1, developed from bottom left image on the design options page.  Here the focus is on examining shape.  This involves over-wrapping and / or layering components to create depth.  Holes / cutouts / translucent fabrics would enhance the dimensionality of the piece enabling the viewer to look within.

Note:  Finished artwork must be postable, considering the size constraints of the national carrier.

Samples & sketchbook pages are pinned up as I move to further develop design ideas.

Photos of work by Gemma Smith taken by myself at Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, January 2014
Janet Edmonds images – Janet Edmonds, Three-Dimensional Embroidery, Published by Batsford, London, 2005. Pages 41 & 51.  ISBN 0-7134-8965-0
Margaret Beal image – Margaret Beal, Fusing Fabric, Published by Batsford, London, 2005. Page 122.  ISBN 978-0-71348-956-9
Dawn Thorne image – Dawn Thorne, Transparency in Textiles, Published by Batsford, London, 2009. Page 67.  ISBN 978-1-9063-8848-5

About Claire B

I'm a passionate printmaker, paper-maker and a poor sketcher (which I'm working to improve). I've stitched from early childhood and am a perpetual student, loving learning and participating in everything creative.
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2 Responses to Assignment 5 – Stage 2

  1. fibresofbeing says:

    A very clear presentation of your progress and all the options you have considered.

    • Claire B says:

      More refining necessary but things are slowly coming into focus. I’m at the ‘discarding’ ideas stage now as I examine what definitely won’t give me the type of outcome I’m aiming for. Then I can work on developing what remains.

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