Reading material within Assignment 4

As this was a research assignment I referred to many books and on-line resources, all of which have been referenced within the relevant posts, so won’t be listed again here.

However as a result of this assignment I found myself enjoying the textile patterns of the 1950s in particular, not only Lucienne Day but others of the time such as Sylvia Chalmers, Robert Stewart, Jacqueline Groag and Marian Mahler.

So, with that  in mind, I purchased 2 new books to add to my growing collection, not only for future course reference but also for my own enjoyment.  The first relates to the 1950s era whilst the other tracks the evolving trends through the 1960s and the advent of flower-power influences and multicoloured dynamic self-expressive designs.


About Claire B

I'm a passionate printmaker, paper-maker and a poor sketcher (which I'm working to improve). I've stitched from early childhood and am a perpetual student, loving learning and participating in everything creative.
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