Developing my gecko design

Back at the beginning of this course I worked with geckos as my personal totem.  Click here to see some interpretations I explored in February 2013.

GC-1I’ve now used one of my earlier designs as the basis for a piece I’ve created as an end-of-year swap for a group I am part of.

The brief was to incorporate orange plastic net bags into a project to give as a blind swap.  The bags provided were left over from Xmas chocolate money packs.


I started by drawing out my plan, full-size.

The top right hand side is where my net bag flowers will be placed.

GC-3Fabric selection was next.

All except one are 100% cotton fabrics commercially printed.  The bottom left hand side piece has been treated with bleach to create the patterning and didn’t end up being used as it seemed out of sync with the rest once I started planning placement.

GC-4Fabrics were scanned and paper swatches cut and laid in place.  Once satisfied, I cut the shapes and Vleisofixed them in place on the Osnerberg linen base.

GC-5Edges were machine satin-stitched in a manner that suggests some layering of blocks.  The gecko was padded using two layers of felt before the overlaid fabric was hand stitched in place.

GC-6The fabric, top left, is something I first dyed, then screen-print stencilled and disliked the result.  So I used the back of it for the yellow flower and just enough paint showed through to take the flatness off the yellow.  The peachy fabric I also dyed.

A wool wadding template was cut for each flower with fabric applied to one side.  A green wool felt disc was placed in the centre and the netting, with the tied end in the middle and pointing upwards, was pulled open and pinned in place over the base flower.  Each was machined around both the centre disc and the petals.  The remainder of the net pouches were then cut away leaving jagged edges.

The finished cushion cover:


About Claire B

I'm a passionate printmaker, paper-maker and a poor sketcher (which I'm working to improve). I've stitched from early childhood and am a perpetual student, loving learning and participating in everything creative.
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