Assignment 3 – Review

Do you feel that your finished samples fulfilled your expectations and fully explored the topic of reveal and conceal, light and transparency?

In several of the stage 2 workshops in this assignment I made what I would consider to be ‘finished’ samples so my reply encompasses those and not just the final ones in stage 5.

The knotted and knitted nets I produced are fairly average in my view.  I couldn’t visualise an engaging and innovative response to these two workshops.  It was very much about exploring new techniques without focusing on a finished product.  I’ve written more observations in those earlier posts.

With the laminated samples, again I was exploring a new concept but had a better grip on creating some transparency.  In stage 3, once the pieces were loosely assembled and held in different light conditions, some interesting effects could be seen.  The conical fabric circles look particularly interesting – but not necessarily on this sample.  Taking them out of this setting and reforming en-masse in another project could be more beneficial and provide better light effects through multiple layers.  They don’t seem to fit with the laminated pieces here.

The reflection of the woven wire and burnt organza piece in workshop 4 is more interesting than the piece itself.  Photographing and printing it on translucent fabric would be a better use for this image.  It could then be layered with other printed images as I did with the butterflies.

The stitched grids (workshop 3) led to the final samples in stage 5 and I’m very pleased with these.  They all show very different interpretations and demonstrate a better understanding of revealing and concealing aspects of materials and surrounding light.

The most successful pieces were in workshop 6 and 7, manipulating fabrics and deconstructing & disintegration.   Both took a lot of time, effort and planning.  Both incorporated free-machine stitching and other techniques that I’ve only dabbled in before and want to pursue further.  Having stalled badly earlier in the assignment I felt I was back on track with these and had definitely discovered techniques that I enjoy, that stimulate ideas and that produce results I’m satisfied with.  Both fulfilled my expectations, and more, because it was all extremely experimental with no set outcome in mind.

The inkjet printer was excellent.  I’ve not had great success with this in the past because I’ve never sourced good designs to print.  Having completed work earlier in this assignment which could be scanned, I feel that I’ve produced some pieces that can be layered to bring a depth of colour, design and movement that I wouldn’t have been able to do a few months ago.  Mounting these silk and organza pieces on top of each other with slight gaps between them allows the light to penetrate enough to produce three-dimensional effects.

How important was the choice of material in terms of determining the qualities that you achieved and how much did your choice of technique contribute to the overall results?

Much of this has been covered in my individual workshop posts.  Looking at the larger finished piece in stage 5, the materials and colour choice was paramount in achieving the translucency, colour gradation and shadow effects I required so the appearance would change dramatically with different light effects and backgrounds.  The choice of technique was as a direct result of, and progression from, the earlier black and grey stitched net in workshop 3.

Personal observations:

A huge learning curve with variable results but outcomes that start to bring to light my strengths, weaknesses and technique preferences.

About Claire B

I'm a passionate printmaker, paper-maker and a poor sketcher (which I'm working to improve). I've stitched from early childhood and am a perpetual student, loving learning and participating in everything creative.
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