Assignment 3 Stage 4 – Part 1

Researching source material.

Observing reflections, silhouettes, translucency, structures and grids.

A3-S4-AA windy day.  Even the clouds are blown about and can’t form clusters.  The ferocity of the wind on the sea whips up the sand as the tide recedes.

A3-S4-BLeft: Foam ‘islands’ float on the surface in the shallows.  Right:  The crashing waves have churned the wet sand and billions of minute particles are flung, spinning and turning, back up the beach.  What else is hidden in the water?  Seaweed and shells cascade through the foam and are left behind until the next tide.

Possible techniques: Fragile and open silk paper. Stretched and distorted silk hankies.  Needlelace.  Tatting.

A3-S4-CBack home and it’s still blowing a gale.  The gum trees sway and bend.  The rustling of the wind through the foliage is deafening.  Look at the shadows.  That tree is enormous, or is it all an illusion played by the sunlight?

Possible techniques: Fabric layering and cutting back.  Shadow embroidery.  Trapunto.

A3-S4-DLines, lines and more lines, with an acute angle shadow with barely discernible scroll reflection.

A3-S4-ENote the different shadow play on the railing around the corner from the first photo.  The angle is elongated, the scroll pattern is sharp and barely distorted and the lines are finer.

A3-S4-FThere’s the tree shadow again.  It must be HUGE !!  As the tree is a distance away I thought its shadow would be less intense than the railing but that’s not the case.  It merges with the rail shadow at the same intensity, concealing the image.

Possible techniques: Cords and fabric strips.  Assembled tubing.  Wire work.  Small motifs could be appliquéd / reverse appliquéd (Mola appliqué).

A3-S4-LI’ve taken many, many photos of my pool from the balcony.  It’s a constant source of interest with its ever-changing movement.  No, surely not !!  Is that a tree shadow I see within the rippling water?

A3-S4-GAnother day, different sunlight and a blustery wind moving in swirls. Dappled sunlight on the sea?  Is that a shark swimming lazily in the shallows?  No, it’s my pool with a chunk of tree bark and a ton of leaves on the bottom waiting to be scooped out.  It’s that tree again.

A3-S4-HClose up of more tree bark and leaves.  It really does look like an undulating sandy base but it’s solid pebbledash.  The distortion created by the frenzied wind is brilliant.

A3-S4-JBy zooming out more the movement of the water by the wind can clearly be seen.  Everything within has become quite unrecognisable, caused by the distortion of the ripples.

A3-S4-KaThe wind swirls are strongest around the edges of the pool, similar to the effect you get within a tennis stadium.  Here even more of what is within is concealed.  I can hardly make out the leaves and twigs that are waiting for me to fish them out.

Possible techniques: Fabric manipulation and layering.  Hand and / or machine stitching.  Tucks, folds, pleats, chenille style fabric slashing through layers.

A3-S4-MBack inside I close the curtains and lie on the bed watching the many ripples from the pool dance along the ceiling above the curtains. They never rest and each has its own movement, separated from the next by the shadow between them.

About Claire B

I'm a passionate printmaker, paper-maker and a poor sketcher (which I'm working to improve). I've stitched from early childhood and am a perpetual student, loving learning and participating in everything creative.
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1 Response to Assignment 3 Stage 4 – Part 1

  1. Phil says:

    Unbelievable what you can do with a good camera and a bit of imagination!

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