Assignment 3: Research – Ed Pien (Part 2)

Here are a few additional pictures of some of the work of Ed Pien that particularly draw my attention.

Deep Waters ADeep Waters (2001)

This is his first attempt at inviting the visitor to wander within the chambers and experience an exhibit from within.  Looking through further images of this installation I can see, whilst it is still in the same vein as Source – my previous post – it isn’t as complex or intriguing, but it was constructed some 11 years before so it’s encouraging to see how this concept has evolved.  Seeing it in real life would add much because it includes sound and a video projection over drawing.  The lighting is superb and in my view achieves the goal of representing the Taiwanese mythology it is based on – lost souls of those who have drowned and to set their souls free water ghosts must seize a new victim who will then take their place.

Haven A

Haven B

Haven (2006-2008)

Haven, whilst still based on huge cylinder shapes, evokes an emotion altogether different from Deep Waters.  Here we see large areas of opaque fabric harshly and unevenly cut with some sections of the exhibit jarringly brightly coloured.  The effect is busy, chaotic and disorienting.  To me it seems loud, brittle, uncompromising and I feel discomfort.

Overlapping and cross-canceling projections cast aggressive multi-layered shadows giving the whole installation an aura of cluttered discord.  It is the perfect visualization of my brain when I am completely overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of things I need to achieve within a very short space of time, the moment of being totally DAUNTED.

Une nuit de lunes AUne nuit de lunes (2008)

This is a very complex and interesting installation which is extremely well written up on his website and I’m not going to trot that out myself.  Click here to read the concept behind this piece and the multitude of interacting sights and sounds that accompany it.  What strikes me, from a purely visual point of view, are the mirrored orbs and the very crisp and beautiful wall shadows.

Treacherous Lines ATreacherous Lines BTreacherous Lines (2009)

I chose this exhibit specifically because it comes from a totally different beginning to most of his other work (not all, but most).  With the exception of Une nuit de lunes the works I’ve been looking at all start with a fabric, plastic or film which is cut into to reveal shadows and / or cleverly lit to reveal layers and depths within.  They start solid and lace effects are created by removing areas.  However here we see the building of a lace like structure from a rope base.  So instead of deconstructing his chosen media he is, instead, assembling it to represent a complex open grid like netting.  Again, lighting is the key to projecting the images within the art space.

His website is a source of huge inspiration and each section has something to offer including some in-depth explanation regarding his art works and what they represent.  I’ve concentrated on his installations but his papercuts also show some interesting effects.  I find some of his drawings very disturbing and his videos intriguing.  He continues to be fascinated with light, shadow, movement and transformation.

It just shows me how far I have yet to journey.


Photos and selected text from the website with permission from the artist.


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I'm a passionate printmaker, paper-maker and a poor sketcher (which I'm working to improve). I've stitched from early childhood and am a perpetual student, loving learning and participating in everything creative.
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