OCA – A Creative Approach: Results

Today I’ve been informed by OCA that I have a confirmed assessment result for the above course.  I’ve passed.  I haven’t had the assessor feedback yet, and it won’t be here for a while, but I know my score isn’t as high as I had hoped.

I’ve been mulling over the reasons why and how this has happened.  Where did I go wrong?  My tutor feedback for each assignment was very good, there were no recommendations for improvements or changes and she affirmed that I had interpreted each brief correctly and had produced a good range of work covering all aspects.  I certainly put the hours in.

I feel my learning log – meaning this blog – is easy to follow.  I’ve recorded every step of my course progress, I’ve reviewed exhibitions, shows, concerts and films, I’ve included details of workshops I’ve attended and places I’ve visited.  I’m happy with my learning log.

I’ve passed the course,  that’s terrific.  When I get the assessor notes in a few weeks I’ll be able to review, change what didn’t work and improve from here on.

Now it is time to look forward and finish Assignment 1 of my current course Exploring Ideas.


About Claire B

I am a passionate printmaker, paper maker and book artist. I'm a 'forever' student and frequently attend courses and workshops to extend and improve my creative skills.
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2 Responses to OCA – A Creative Approach: Results

  1. Liz says:

    Congratulations on completing and passing the course and good to hear you are starting Exploring Ideas. I really hope you receive encouraging and helpful feedback. It will be interesting to hear what the assessors say and I suspect you will hear that you haven’t gone far wrong. I haven’t heard of anyone yet at OCA who has been delighted with their pass mark so don’t feel too disappointed. We all want to be exceptional. Good and excellent in higher education are not a high percentage compared to other areas of life. The pass mark is 40%, which sounds odd to me, like you have done more than half of your work wrong, but that’s not the case at all. Consider that 40% of the UK population will go to university at some point but only 25% have a degree and only about 15% them receive a first. You have credits in the bag, so you’re well on your way, and your level 1 mark will not affect your final result – it’s all about finding your voice. Good luck for the next part and I will try to remember my own advice. I’m sure I will feel exactly the same when I get assessed, if I ever make it that far.
    (You’re right – your blog is very clearly laid out and esy to follow – something I aspire to!)

    • Claire B says:

      That’s a great comment, Liz, with some really good points. I understand that the assessor feedback will be sent to each of us in a few weeks but they won’t be commenting retrospectively, just on what they recommend for the future. However, that will provide good clues as to what didn’t really work in my submission and where I can improve.
      When I first started I had no idea how to format a blog and made a couple of changes along the way until I felt it was as clear and easy to follow as possible. It’s been a steep learning curve. I’ve been looking at yours and it’s also very straight forward and interesting with so many photos and step by step processes. Love the workshops and classes you’ve been doing.

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