A Creative Approach: Assignment 5 – Tutor request and response.

Project 10 – Tutor suggestion.

In the feedback I received for my Sugar Addiction theme and final project for A Creative Approach my tutor has added the following note:

May I suggest that you briefly discuss initial thoughts for completing this project on a much larger scale for the Hospital site. ……….. For example, would the same materials be used for the background, or would you consider an alternative?  Would you explore the potential of moving parts?  How would you like the work to be presented (looped onto a baton, or framed)?

Sugar AddictionI’ll concentrate on the middle section first.

On the piece I made I felt that the gridded window section would lose its strength and dominance if I made it any smaller as it is supposed to be a point of major focal interest.  In addition to this it would have been virtually impossible to reduce the size and keep the edging detail in proportion to the window size.   I would have ended up with a clumpy surround and a small aperture.  The size I decided on meant that I reduced the amount of additional features I could include on the main body of the machine because of lack of space.  However, I feel the piece worked in the format and proportions I ended up with, bearing in mind the size constraints I had for postal purposes.

On a much larger piece it would be possible to have a greater amount of surrounding area  which would provide scope to develop some of the other aspects further.  I have several things in mind.

I would extend the cogs at the top by increasing both their numbers and their differing sizes.  I would like them to be more dimensional and would stand them out from the background supported by short lengths of painted and covered dowel.  This could be done with interlocking groupings with each group sitting a different distance from the background.  I would also like to incorporate some copper shim in the centre of each of them as I believe that would increase the dynamic effect of the layering.

On the right hand side of the machine I would like to create another layer fashioned as a large arm or lever.  Right from the beginning this was niggling in my mind but when it came to the crunch I realised that if I included it the whole thing would become too busy.  But a larger area on the right would enable me to do that easily.  I would also be able to add some detail on the lever such as the machine name, year of manufacture, product number or similar – basically an embossed machine label.

I would also like to improve the top right hand dial and add another or make this one more complex.

At the base, to the right, where I have the Dorset buttons and covered washers acting as a small conveyor this would be the place to put a ‘proper’ conveyor, not one simply attached to the background with the chain stitched down.  It really wouldn’t be hard to achieve.  Instead of making a single layer of covered washers/Dorset buttons I would make a duplicate of each component and stitch it to its partner all the way around the inner circle edge.  Make sense?  They would then be as two sides of a cog with an indent in-between.  Once each of the pairs are attached to the base, probably by raised velcro dots or similar, a chain could actually be wound around the whole configuration fitting nicely into the indent within each pair.  Very hard to explain, not hard to execute.  Why didn’t I do it first time round?  Because I didn’t want anything to overtake the window feature and sit further forward or be more prominent.

On the left side of the machine I would increase the number of product inlet sections from three to five.

I’ve also been mulling over the idea of a funnel coming in at the top where the sugar is added.  This would change the entire dynamic of the project and a new set of plans would have to be drawn up for consideration.

Left hand section.

Here I would increase the number of product types entering from three to five rows, introducing two more muted colour streams.  I would also lengthen the piece so it stayed in proportion with the machine.

Right hand section.

As this part is the only area not fully completed it’s hard to gauge how I would change it, if at all.  Obviously as it increases in size it gives scope to also make the circles larger and embellish much further.  On my sample, again because I didn’t want it to be too busy, I have kept all the circles in one layer, none overlap.  I think that overlapping some, or putting smaller focal interest circles within much larger one would add more depth and interest.  There would also be the opportunity to add more fabrics and glitz.  Not sure I’m 100% about going that route because the hand stitching is a large feature but it is worth considering.


I considered moving parts and thought about attaching clock movements to cogs but as this is designed to go into a public health service clinic I don’t feel it would be right to have them funding either the electricity bill or continually replacing batteries.  Not going to happen.  Anything that costs money will be a no-go, especially as it is taxpayer funded.

I wouldn’t change the materials I’ve used but I would strengthen the machine section by backing it with covered Timtex or Peltex.  It would entirely depend on the finished size of the piece.  It might be that attaching it to foamcore would be an option, not one I find attractive I must say. It can also be painted (as some sections have been) with Paverpol right across the back which is designed to dry solid and unyielding when used full strength.  It also makes it waterproof!

When it comes to hanging, as I said in my post of 8th December, I intend to build a final rigid frame – probably using wooden struts or square wooden dowel – on which to attach all three pieces so they abut and unify as a single art work, as per the picture where they are pinned to my work board.


I hope that has given at least an inkling of some of the ideas that this project could encompass.  I’d like to think of the clinic clients being engaged with the artwork whilst waiting for their appointments.  The ladies who work there are very friendly and I’m sure they would chat to everyone about what it is trying to show.


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I am a passionate printmaker, paper maker and book artist. I'm a 'forever' student and frequently attend courses and workshops to extend and improve my creative skills.
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