Project 9 – Stage 4 Inspiration

Developing design ideas into weaving.

We have been given two options for the way we work our final weaving and I have chosen Option 2 which involves selecting a word or theme and creating a woven piece around that idea.  I have chosen tribal.


The Canis Tribe are a long extinct people who resided in small communities on lush fertile lands close to the river edge. 

Each community was led by a village Elder who was also believed to be a Mage.  He was regarded as the local authority, unquestioning leader and revered for his spiritual insightfulness.  Always a male, the Elder was responsible for the welfare of his people, the bountiful food and the prediction of weather change.

Whilst a primitive race by standards today they did, however, maintain a system of hierarchy and strictly followed long-established traditions in this regard.  During his 40th year the Mage would select a new-born to be raised and apprenticed to him as his successor.  He would then have a ‘shadow’ as the young boy stayed close to him learning the ways of his people, his ancestors and the guidance required to lead his clan.

The Mage was responsible for maintaining the Tribal Tome, a visual record of important or memorable events which would be used to educate the younger members and teach them the ways of the group.  Their lives revolved around three main areas:

The water.  This provided a large source of food, a place for washing and a surface to travel across longer distances.

The land.  Also a source of food including plant foliage, petals, nuts, pods and roots.  Some animals were also hunted for meat and other uses such as utensils, clothing and containers.

Dwellings and shelters were constructed from  plant material, animal waste (in the form of dried tightly packed dung) and selected types of soil and earth treated and pounded into solid ground cover.

Spiritualism.  The Canis people believed that their ancestors, whilst dead, continued to watch over and guide them through the current ‘chosen’ Mage.  They created small scrolls with messages drawn and hidden inside and it is widely believed these were a form of prayer, a reaching out for help and advise which would flow through their leader.

It would appear that the extinction of this people came about as a result of their remoteness from other tribes.  Whilst it would seem that they had everything they needed they were not subject to outside influences and ideas, therefore they simply didn’t evolve and as Man progressed and developed, and they did not, history seems to point to them being destroyed by more advanced cultures both invading and radically changing their way of life.

I have decided to concentrate on the colours of the land and to include some of their symbolism and spiritual scrolls as depicted in my own creation of a Canis Tribal Tome.


About Claire B

I am a passionate printmaker, paper maker and book artist. I'm a 'forever' student and frequently attend courses and workshops to extend and improve my creative skills.
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