Project 8 – Review

Q.  Did you enjoy inventing constructed surfaces?  Were you surprised at the results?
A:  Yes I did enjoy this section of the course.  I wasn’t overly surprised with the results other than where I previously commented on the reverse side of some woven paper in Stage 2 Exercise 1.

Stage 2 Exercise 3 & 4 were well planned and drawn in advance.

Q.  Can you see a connection between your choice of materials and the types of structures you made – regular, irregular, small or large scale?
A:  Yes.  Certainly using wire as a structure is able to give a more organic, flowing, curvaceous structure (if required) as opposed to using wood or dowel struts which will provide a more linear and ordered appearance.

Q.  Which samples worked best and why?
A:  Frankly, I like everything I did in this project.  I’ve mixed thick and thin, straight and curvy, shiny and matt, fluffy and smooth, bright and dull, etc..  What makes them work is this variety, along with the colour choices, which gives the eye plenty to absorb and record.

I planned the spaces in the two final structures quite carefully so I didn’t end up with regular, same-sized, rectangles.  The struts on the final piece are cut at different lengths so they don’t all start and finish on the same line.  I hope to give the impression that it is a small section of a much larger garden trellis.

Q.  How accurate were you in matching all the colours in your postcard: with paints and with yarns or other materials?
A:  Watercolours are quite new to me so my estimation of how one of the blues would dry is quite a bit out of whack and it is much lighter than it should be.  I was reading another student blog recently and saw she had  recorded the same error in her colour matching.  With more experience using these paints I’ll get better.

Matching acrylic paints was much easier as can be seen from the sample Glide Girl (post of 16th July) where they are quite accurate.

I’ve got a decent range of threads and yarns so was able to pick good matching colours.  The fun was interpreting the textures in the pictures and trying to find textural yarns that demonstrated that.


This has been a stimulating project, opening up some new areas and a good lead into the upcoming weaving .


About Claire B

I am a passionate printmaker, paper maker and book artist. I'm a 'forever' student and frequently attend courses and workshops to extend and improve my creative skills.
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