A few days away – And A Chorus Line.

Last weekend my husband and I (plus  staff) were trading at the Home Buyer & Investment Property Expo in Sydney.  This is the first time we’ve been there and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The photo quality is low because of a combination of poor lighting, hurrying to take the shot before people walked in front of me and the fact that I’m just not a very good photographer.  Anyway, not to worry, I’m sure enough can be seen.

Exhausting though it was we were happy to see so many people looking to invest with us and either start, or increase, their property portfolios.  Our daily seminars were very well received and on the final day word had spread and people were physically unable to get into the theatre to hear Philippe speak and had to stand outside and come to us individually later.  Who, in my world of textiles, would have thought that so many people would be clamouring to hear ‘How to set up an investment strategy that works for YOU’ over a 30 minute period each day?

I had arranged an evening surprise for Philippe with tickets to the opening night at the Capitol Theatre to see A Chorus Line.  What a mistake.

Whatsonsydney.blogspot.com.au has a review of the show which mirrors my own view.  For anyone who does not know the production, it is centred around the auditions for a show and concentrates on the stories of the individual dancers, their backgrounds, their hopes, their prejudices, their lives and dreams, etc..  It starts reasonably, but is a little repetitive, then some of the dancers are culled and the others are formed into a line and asked to say something about themselves.  The stage was darkened and each one was individually picked out with a spotlight and started their monologue.  I sat, aghast, realising that I was going to have to sit through about 16 of these personal ‘stories’ – where they had come from, what they hoped for, how hard they had worked, the difficulties they had overcome, etc..  I was correct.  Who wants to waste an evening looking at a bare stage, and I’m talking completely bare – no props at all, listening to other people’s problems?

We, and others, started to fidget.  The 15 or so dancers who were not speaking were required to stand for the best part of an hour during which they got their few minutes dialogue and their halo of shining light, and even some of them fidgeted.  The end couldn’t come soon enough.  The finale consisted of the only costume change and was the only highlight in the whole performance.  It was a tragic shame because it was clear that the dancers were very accomplished, we just didn’t get to see much of what they could do.  When it did finally finish, after 2 hours without a break, there was average clapping, no encore and no-one hanging around for more.

A write-up of the show can be found here and not only does it talk about the hardships portrayed within the show theme  but also those of the actual dancer/actors themselves.  I skim read the article.  Why spend any more time on it as I already know all their issues?  I spent 2 hours having  paid to listen to them.

No I certainly wasn’t entertained, wowed or excited by this long-winded, lack lustred, massively over priced production.


About Claire B

I am a passionate printmaker, paper maker and book artist. I'm a 'forever' student and frequently attend courses and workshops to extend and improve my creative skills.
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