Project 6 – Stage 4 Gathering and Crumpling Fabric

Here I removed a number of threads in groups to form a grid.  Then I threaded through a double length of eyelash yarn and secured the ends (after pulling up) with knots.

The variegated eyelash yarn gives a good effect and, once it was gathered, I pulled through as many of the tufts as I could so as to see more contrast with the fabric.

I also manipulated the gathered squares so they were alternately pushed forwards and backwards to see even more of the dimension.

If this was done using multiple strands of a thin yarn you could make some neat tassels hanging down at the bottom.  I decided not to cut off the excess yarn on this piece because I like the effect.  More lengths could be stitched into the lower edge of the piece to give a thicker fringe.

I’ve done zig-zag gathering many a time using ribbon, cut strips of fabric or multiple zig-zag rows over a larger piece of light-weight fabric.  However I have never done it before using wire edged florist ribbon.

This piece, to the right, which I did several years ago shows different gathering techniques using double-edged wired ribbon.

Here I’ve used a sheer fabric pulled through sequin waste and manipulated by applying heat.

As it heated the silver waste became a matt dull silver but the fabric became more vibrant as it shrivelled.

Right: This is my version of popcorn fabric.  The material has been pushed through a mesh, sprayed with starch and ironed.  It was re-starched and left to dry for a day.  It got a final  ironing and then I removed it from the mesh.

It could be pulled out into a looser crumple and steamed to soften the  look but I like it like this.

Left:  I stitched circles on to cotton and drew them up tightly.  Some I stuffed and some I didn’t.  It’s just a variation on the idea of Suffolk Puffs.

What I like about these is that you can get a wide variety of looks depending on what you do with the puffs and how big they are.  They can be left without stuffing and pulled rigidly upwards away from the background, stuffed with hard discs such as buttons or soft tissue or toy fill, flattened with an iron, stitched to the background with either hidden or decorative hand work or beading and more.

They can also be inverted so you see the gathered side.  If they are each done as individual inverted Suffolk puffs they can be applied to another background, the gathers can be arranged in folds and they may look somewhat like the underside of a mushroom cup.

About Claire B

I'm a passionate printmaker, paper-maker and a poor sketcher (which I'm working to improve). I've stitched from early childhood and am a perpetual student, loving learning and participating in everything creative.
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