Project 5 – Experiments with Printing & Painting – Stage 2 Part A

Preparing for Project 5 – Experimenting with techniques.

Below are some of the items I have been preparing for mark making on cloth.  A few of these I made and used back in Project 1 Stage 2 Exercise 4 where we were making marks in an expressive way.

StencilsThe bottom left hand clear stencil (placed on pale blue paper so the cut-out can be seen) is the one I used in Project 1 and I was very pleased with the results so have included it here.  On the right of it is a similar style – although if the petals were taken individually they would look like teeth!!

The two stencils at the top are on opaque acetate which was much easier to cut because I could see where I was going with the knife.  They are evolved from my design from the last exercise (Project 4 Stage 4).

Blocks and bubble wrapThe top left hand stamp is a make-up applicator sponge cut into strips and glued to a piece of yoga mat.  It is still wet and hasn’t been cut to size in the photo.  Top right is  fun foam on yoga mat base (evolved from the same design as the stencil).  I’ve kept a small tab on the side to make it easy to hold on to and pick up after application because it is a bit flexible.

Bottom right is a lino cut I did for Project 1 and really like.  It is mounted on balsa wood.  Bottom left is bubble wrap glued to a toilet roll insert.

Thermoplast foamHere I have a range of thermoplast stamps made by heating the foam with a heat gun and pressing shapes in until it cools and keeps the indentations.  Clockwise from top large image:  multiple strands of pearls pushed into foam, buttons and metal rivets and fastenings, more buttons, metal meat mallet, two belt buckles side by side.  Again, some I used previously, some are new.


Kitchen hand towel inserts are firm and hold their shape well so I wound a range of elastic bands around one.

This wooden roller has had washers and string glued to it.

Thank heavens I remembered to do the photos before I used them – unlike some of the others.

Part B will be my trials with these media.


About Claire B

I'm a passionate printmaker, paper-maker and a poor sketcher (which I'm working to improve). I've stitched from early childhood and am a perpetual student, loving learning and participating in everything creative.
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