Project 4 – Stage 4

Developing design ideas.

I have chosen two of the designs I looked at in Stage 3 to develop further.

P4 Stage 4I’ve already looked at this from various directions so now I am taking some of the parts and redeveloping them into new designs.

P4 Stage 4d1My first piece has included the curved rows along the edge of the original and they have come out rather like octopus tentacles.  I had pylons in mind when drawing the boxes on long stilts but the results make me think of modern day triffids or aliens.  I like the boxes leaning forwards as if scanning the ground before them.  Am I going to be beamed up by a bright light emitting from the red box holes?  (Can you tell I’m having fun with these exercises?)  I have used pencil, coloured pencils and a small amount of fibre tipped pen.

P4 Stage 4eWell I was so keen on the tentacle look that I’ve kept it for the next piece and included the glutinous globules.  I wanted a bright upbeat look so I’ve used orange and pink with a tiny amount of deep green just to give some focal interest. I’m finding it murderously difficult to get the colours to come out right on the computer and the orange is much more vibrant in real life.

I like this design, I feel it could be extended and used to good effect in textiles.  Again I used the coloured pencils and fibre tipped pens.

By now it’s pretty clear to me that I am reaching for my fibre tipped pens a lot.  The reason is that I’m naturally a neat person and I like my drawings to be precise, tidy and as clear as possible.  I decided when I started this section that my mind would be fully on the design aspect and that I would use whatever media I felt comfortable with so as not to distract me from my main purpose.  I have a moderately sized table and when I work with paints I can feel a little cluttered and space restricted, which in turn seems to curb my free thinking.  It seems like I’m forever cleaning up, washing brushes and so on and this breaks my flow.  With the pens I simply put the lid back on and it’s done – and dry.  I’ve moved from my big bucket of felt tip pens to some new good quality Artline 200 .4mm tip pens which I bought last week.

Back to my designs.  I previously posted about how much I liked the original image so below I’ve used it again in the original colourway but re-arranged the components into a cog-wheel formation.  The ‘wheels’ aren’t round, they’re not supposed to be.  I coloured them and then cut them out and put them onto the different backgrounds to see what the effect would be.  I didn’t feel there was a place for the globule section in this interpretation.

P4 Stage 4gP4 Stage 4f

My final example using this original is a collage and has been produced with a border design in mind.  It has been made with no particular focal point although the inclusion of the small red brads keeps the eye within the piece.  It is constructed from a pelmet vilene base with crumpled tissue paper adhered.  This has then been painted black.  Brass mesh has been cut to shape with copper shim strips.  Beer bottle tops have been glued to the mesh.  The edging borders are wooden skewers with an assortment of brads, beads and rings in copper and brass colours and differing sizes.  Here I’ve used my original box shape but now it is flat and no longer leaning forward and I’ve used the multiple sizes of circles from within the original curvy section.

P4 Stage 4hP4 Stage 4j In my previous post I speculated on repeating the pattern to the left and how it would look.  So I’ve done it.

It is actually quite an intricate pattern and I decided to colour it in black so as to really enhance the lacy aspect of it when it has been repeated.  This is a 9 pattern repeat and I’m keen to see even more of it as this only shows one repeat of each finished motif.  I haven’t quite mastered some of the intricacies of Photoshop yet (and this took an age to do by hand) but I’ll be on a course in a couple of weeks and then I’ll be able to expand this piece substantially.

P4 Stage 4aP4 Stage 4c

I’ve included a scan of the back of it because it is also very interesting and gives a totally different feel to the design.  It has a bit of a tortoise-shell feel to it, or even a rubbing of a relic.

P4 Stage 4k

I thought the shape was lovely so I resized and simplified it further and turned it into a stylised floral design.  I spent quite a bit of time colour mixing my acrylic paints to get a gradual lightening of the yellow from the flower tips to the stalks but it doesn’t show terribly well.  I don’t like the shorter central shape at all – taken from the darker brown area on the original – but I do like the colours in it.  I think there is scope to use the main floral shape and modify the ‘claw’ like part in another way.

This exercise has been very stimulating, a lot of fun and has produced some pieces I can use in later projects.  I can see a lot of further development possibilities with not only the work above but also other sketchbook images I have.

About Claire B

I'm a passionate printmaker, paper-maker and a poor sketcher (which I'm working to improve). I've stitched from early childhood and am a perpetual student, loving learning and participating in everything creative.
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  1. fibresofbeing says:

    Some great work Claire! You really seem to be sorting out what works for you and getting into your stride.

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