Project 4 – Stage 3

Selecting from drawings for developing design ideas.

Here I was asked to select at least four drawings, or parts of drawings, and look for an interesting combination of marks and shapes which have the potential for further development.

P4 Stage 3AI started with this fibre tipped pen drawing that I’m very fond of.  I then decided to see what it would be like if it were coloured and cropped.

P4 Stage 3BI used an analogous colour scheme: yellow, orange and red, with a touch of pink to lift it here and there.  I like the repetition of the circles and I think the resizing and the different overlapping shapes make it an interesting piece to explore further.  Enough background has been left so it doesn’t become too busy and overwhelming.  If developing further I would consider having groupings of circles with some negative spacing instead of having the circles as one big mass as drawn above.

I can already visualise this in textiles using a mix of opaque and transparent fabrics layered and overlapped or even a mix of patterned and plain fabrics.  Could be fun to play with.  My other thoughts include a range of wrapping paper, gift tags and cards or even a set of printed stationery such as lever arch files, diary and address book covers, pencil-case and so on.

P4 Stage 3LaThis drawing is part of a pattern (redeveloped) I saw on a bag.  I hadn’t got my camera so I put the bag in the photocopier (which the shop I was in kindly let me use) and got part of the design.  I’ve re-worked it in my picture.

I’ve posted it twice so as to see the start of what could be an interesting repetition.  If the tips were butted  together and the pattern continually flipped and repeated this might make some interesting shapes.  I see it perhaps as part of a floor tile design.

P4 Stage 3MI like this swirl design because it is simple but effective.  By changing the colour scheme it could have a very different feel.  Rather than repeating this small pattern I would extend it out making it a larger piece which could be printed as an overall pattern.

P4 Stage 3PWhat comes to mind (having modified the colours to something much more summery) is retro dress fabric and here is a picture of a Vintage 1950’s Christian Dior New Look Dress which was borrowed by The Antiques Road Show and showcased in one of their programmes.


P4 Stage 3NThis is another part of the doodled Zentangle I’ve used recently in previously posted work.

I love the complexity of the lines balanced by the simplicity of the colour scheme.  The contrast in shapes I find stimulating and fresh.  There seems to be a lot to look at and my eyes rove enthusiastically around the piece.

The first thing I’ve tried is turning the piece to see what effect that has on the shapes and their dominance on others.

P4 Stage 3NaP4 Stage 3NbP4 Stage 3NcThe first one far to the left looks like ocean waves (a Tsunami perhaps?) reaching towards a toppling ferris wheel style carnival ride.  Those boxed shapes are definitely coming crashing down.

The middle picture looks more like a structure rising from behind something.  On this one I feel the wavy lines and yellow circles are more of a distraction than enhancement.  It’s definitely the rising UFO that I’m intrigued by.

The right hand image feels unbalanced and heavy in the bottom right hand corner.  Here I see the top curvy design as something thick and glutinous slowly oozing down the frame to devour the rest of the image.  It has become the focal point of the design, seems to sit in front of the other drawn shapes and feels a little sinister.  Yes, I have a healthy imagination!!

I’m particularly happy with the dimensional feel to the three boxes and the way they lean forward.  This design could have several aspects taken from it to enhance using stitching, printing, fabric manipulation and more.  I feel there is a lot of scope to further develop this.

Finally I took one of my ink splodge pieces which wasn’t particularly exciting and added some randomly painted string keeping to a curvy linear shape.  It’s interesting.  Again, I’ve turned it around to see how it balances best.  What would I do with it?  I’m not sure, but I like it sufficiently to keep a record of it until it fits with an idea.  I’ve actually framed this so I have it permanently in view while I continue to mull it over.P4 Stage 3GP4 Stage 3F

P4 Stage 3H


About Claire B

I'm a passionate printmaker, paper-maker and a poor sketcher (which I'm working to improve). I've stitched from early childhood and am a perpetual student, loving learning and participating in everything creative.
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