Project 4 – Stage 2

Preparation – Looking for shapes and drawing

I’ve been working on the drawing below on and off for about a week now, as and when the fancy takes me.  I think it’s coming along well and I’m enjoying it.  Whilst I think it is very dense and, having used my viewing frame over several areas, it is quite complicated I think it would be interesting to simplify and develop some areas.

P4 Stage 2A

I’ve highlighted 4 interesting sections with my 5X5cm view frame and worked on each.

The pictures below are labelled Original 1-4 for the source images and Design 1-7 for the adaptations.  The work has been mounted vertically.  Some of the images have been rotated to add another perspective.

P4 Stage 2G

Design 1 – relates to Original 1.  This has had some simplification and then been fully filled using two primary and two secondary colours in Sharpie markers.  It is sharp, dynamic and fresh without being to garish.

Design 2 – relates to Original 2.  Here I used Graphitint pencils, dry.  Bearing in mind these have a grey graphite base but with an overlay of colour I took a blue-green and a yellow-green to see how they would mix.  Frankly I’m very disappointed.  These pencils are much softer than I thought and I can see pencil marks and the design edges are very fuzzy.  I feel I’ve simplified the design too far and it now looks boring.

Design 3 – relates to Original 2.  Back to the Sharpie markers.  Here I have kept the detail but changed it around a bit.  To give the piece some added tension and excitement I went with a more dramatic colour scheme.  Normally, to add drama, I would have chosen black, white and tomato red but today I decided to go with a deep rich pink instead.  I love the reduced colour palette, the crisp design edges and the organic movement of this sample.

P4 Stage 2H

Design 4 – relates to Original 3.  I actually like the original version a lot so it was hard to make changes.  I decided to take out all the excess markings and go with the simple outlines of the main shapes.  Still with my Sharpie I filled in the main areas.  It feels a very flowing but flat design.  I would like to see it further developed with one additional colour, perhaps in the circles, and rotated and repeated as a fabric design.  Yes, I think this has real potential.

Design 5 – relates to Original 3.  Here I tried some partial simplification and then coloured the result with  pencils using an analogous colour scheme – yellow, orange, red.  Very ‘summery’ and restful.  I’m not sure about keeping the white background  but what would I do with it?  Possibly a very pale green

Design 6 – relates to Original 4.  Again I really like my original but the simplification here is quite interesting.  I tried to bring in some texture with the crosshatching.  It’s not worked really but I think the only reason is because it isn’t heavy enough.  If the lines were much more visible I feel the weight of the sample would be more balanced.  Overall I like it with the exception of that part.  This was drawn using H, 3B and 6B pencils.

Design 7 – relates to Original 4.  I changed the design here a little and drew black dots in opposite sections of the sample.  It needed it to balance the heaviness of the black pen.  I like it.  It looks as though something white has been tipped over it from above and is flowing through the picture.  Maybe it’s a black ink spatter with bleach being poured into it.


About Claire B

I'm a passionate printmaker, paper-maker and a poor sketcher (which I'm working to improve). I've stitched from early childhood and am a perpetual student, loving learning and participating in everything creative.
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