Catwalk Event

Enmore Design Centre *EDI Graduation Catwalk Event.

*EDI – Event, Design & Illustration Certificate 4, Diploma and Advanced Diploma students.

I was lucky enough to be given, along with two other friends, a free VIP ticket to the above end of year show.  The theme this year was described as a technicolor trip into cinematic couture entitled LUCID.  Each class selected a movie to represent and a colour to go along with it.  These included Lawrence of Arabia depicted in orange, Casanova in yellow, Metropolis in green, Casablanca in blue, Moulin Rouge in purple, Roman Holiday in red – all by Certificate 4 Design students.  City Lights in black and white was from the Advanced Diploma, Design for Live Production, Theatre & Events students (1st year) and finally Yellow Submarine in rainbow colours was produced by the graduating year of the Advanced Diploma students. 

It was a feast for the eyes with innovative and exciting costumes and themes relating to each film.  The catalogue is top quality, plenty of colour and explanation of works, designers and performers names, production team and credits and finally sponsors and their contributions and logos listed at the back.  Below are some photos of the event.  Some are from the catalogue and some I shot myself.  Despite having an excellent seat there was a lot of dry ice pumping out so my pictures are somewhat hazy.





After the show we were able to see some of the work by the Illustration students.  To provide a themed venue for their folio displays they had built a room totally out of cardboard.  Every piece of furniture, table and 6 chairs, the candelabra and even the moose head on the wall were cut out 3D cardboard objects.  The work portfolios were scattered throughout and, wearing white gloves, we were able to look through them.  At graduation time students hope to get jobs and illustration traineeships so they all had their business cards and contact details on hand for potential employers to pick up.  I, of course, took one of each so I can look at their blogs and websites for my own interest.

Illustration 1Illustration 3

Illustration 4Illustration 2


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