Stitching on Serviettes

I took a couple of days out from the course to do a bit of creative stitching.  This week I am taking part in a stitching swap with the theme of food so I decided to make a book cover using a technique I saw in the class I did recently with Pamela Priday – stitching on serviettes.


Coffee cup 1
Original serviette

So here is the start point, my paper serviette, which got cut up, rearranged and stitched in a grid.


Coffee cup 2

Then I wet it and using my finger I rubbed away parts of the paper leaving areas of design I wanted to feature.


Coffee cup 3





Taking a second serviette I cut out some of the cups and machine stitched them to cream wool felt before placing my grid on the top.  Now it starts to look a little more interesting.  I hand stitched along some of the lines, both to hold them in place and also to add a feature in some areas.

Coffee cup 4


I also cut out some of the motifs and applied them to the surface and fly stitched over the leaves.  I highlighted, with  hand stitches, the coffee, steam, cream and sprinkles and wrote in the word Cafe.

It was looking nearly finished.  I would have liked to do some machine stitching on the cups and saucers but time was a bit short and I wanted to apply Paper Glaze to my featured areas and get it dry today.  So I cut it to size, machine zig-zagged round the edges and glazed/varnished some parts.  I have a couple of glass flat-back beads to stitch onto the centre of the two smaller motifs and then all I need to do is apply it to a visual diary cover and wrap it up – much nicer than the boring plastic covers they come with.  Below is the finished piece which looks a little different because of the camera reflection off the glaze.  Much nicer in real life.

Coffee cup 5



About Claire B

I am a passionate printmaker, paper maker and book artist. I'm a 'forever' student and frequently attend courses and workshops to extend and improve my creative skills.
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