Project 3 – Stage 4

Exercise 1 – Colours expressing words

Colour moods

The sample to the left has been done using the words stated within the exercise.  Whilst I think that each colour I’ve painted portrays the word I don’t think they necessarily gel together as a group within that description.  At this stage I have only recorded the colour-to-word association and not used specific marks to further demonstrate the connections.

Below are my colour associations to my own choice of words, also using mark making.  Not only have I recorded each of the words but also my own interpretation of them to illustrate why I have chosen the particular colour in each case.

Stage 4 Ex 1D

Intense/Strong – I had a large piece of paper that I had already applied Gesso to so, using a roller, I then laid down a layer of Moss Green acrylic paint.  When dry I tore strips of masking tape and put these on the surface.  Then using very thick acrylic I hand painted Cadmium Red over the top.  I later tore away the masking tape and applied Aleene’s Paper Glaze to add a rich glossy sheen.

To my mind red represents strength, indelicacy and robustness along with confidence, courage and intensity.  Here I wanted to use the complimentary colour to provide a hard contrast but I didn’t want it to overtake the main brilliance of the red, hence the reason I picked a lesser strength Moss Green.  Red and green would be my favourite colour mix although it is more usual for me to pick the green to dominate.

Stage 4 Ex 1A

Bold – Here I took a thick molding paste and stippled it on to the paper surface using a stencil brush.  When dry, using my finger, I rubbed over the textural surface using Opulence Embellishment Ink in the colour Mala.  This photo really does not do the colour justice but after several attempts it is the best I can achieve.

The brilliance of the shimmering teal coloured ink against the stark whiteness of the background is very bold, adventurous and resolute.  The pattern I have made, highlighted by the ink, displays many, many intersecting lines and shapes.  These indicate to me that to be bold you must travel in every direction, explore as many possibilities as you can and never stop searching and learning.  You never know where that next line will take you.  Try everything and never give up.

Stage 4 Ex 1E

Intriguing/Unexpected – The paper was very wet when I applied watered down paint and then crumpled cling-film on to the surface.  This was removed when the paint was dry.  So some diffusing of colour occurred both from the paint mix and also the soaking in effect of the wet background.

Red is always intriguing.  At full strength it has a fierce after-burn and it can radically change appearances of other colours around it (obviously all colours have the potential to do that but red I find most prominent).  When diluted or lightened it softens to something warm, comforting, familiar and welcoming.  When darkened and placed with other heavy colours it creates drama, excitement and deep expressive moods.  Here it has been used in a softer manner, with blurred lines and a melding of forms.  The ultimate intrigue in this piece is that it told me which way was up, no matter how I turned it I always came back to the same place.  Despite being an unplanned abstract piece there is still an instinctive top and bottom.

Stage 4 Ex 1B

Diluted – White paper heavily wet with an initial coating of very diluted Indian ink.  Whilst still wet more ink of the same colour was applied with a dropper.

This is a blue-green mix, making me think of shallow water.  Through clear water you can usually see a rippling  image of what is underneath.  It seems sharp and clear but not quite real.

Stage 4 Ex 1C

Heavy – Further use of my Gesso covered paper.  Thick black acrylic has been applied and then drawn into using the end of the paintbrush, the end of a Q-tip (cotton bud) and rubbing in one area with a bit of tissue.

It was done fast with no thought of finesse.  It’s more of a quick scribble with no subtleties evident.  Black represents weight, depression, heartache and malaise as well as unknowing, hidden and uncharted.  Refer back to my posting dated December 6th 2011 Gallery Visit – Enniskillen where you can see more images which produce the same feelings as this piece but on a vastly larger scale.  There is a YouTube video showing close-ups of some of David Rankin’s work for this exhibition.

An interesting activity which has left me with a lot more ideas but limited time to execute them.  As I move forward through the next sections of the course I would hope to incorporate some.


About Claire B

I'm a passionate printmaker, paper-maker and a poor sketcher (which I'm working to improve). I've stitched from early childhood and am a perpetual student, loving learning and participating in everything creative.
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