Project 1 – Review

Stage 4 – Working from Sketchbook

Q. Which images are particularly rich in texture?

A. I’ve chosen a reel of Perle cotton which has many layers of thread wound by machine but it is interesting to look down between the layers.  I’ve tried to indicate depth by drawing lighter less definite lines for the inner with darker thicker lines on top which I hope look like they are the outer layer of threads.  I have also magnified it to see the wind of one strand.  This brand has a tight corded look and I can see a definite twist – top left to bottom right – as it is a 2 ply.  I then took a dead Banksia flower which also has a layered look as the stamen sprout from the centre outwards and, as the flower dries, the stamen sag slightly giving a drooping effect but you can still see between them to the inner layers.  I’ve tried to capture this.  I’ve also progressed (from some of my previous hand drawings) to adding some shading – in this case to the twig attached to the flower.

Textural Study

I then went back to my hand drawings and tried reproducing some of the wrinkles and creases.