Exercise 3 – Playing with different media

Soft Pastels

These were fun.  I was surprised how crumbly they were.

Alcohol Inks

This is the first time I’ve used these on paper.  They soak in fast but can be partially reactived using the blending solution.  Personally I prefer to use them on metal shim where the effects can be stunning.

Inktense Pencils

 I like these on fabric but I can see the scope for using them on paper.  I have used them in the past to highlight embossed paper but never to do prints from.  By wetting a fallen gum leaf I was able to scribble the pencil across it, place it down and roll over the back with a brayer.  I love the effect and will definitely be using this technique on fabrics in the future.

Screen Printing Ink

 Screen printing ink is one of my favourite ways of patterning cloth.  I did a short course last year and was thrilled with the layering effects that can be achieved.  The inks are very thick and gluggy, they give a lot of scope for rolling, stamping, stencilling, drawing into and scraping away.  Definitely one of my preferred media.

Smooth - white gesso on blue cardboard. Credit card slalomed through whilst still wet.

Textural - white gesso pounced on blue cardboard




Rich & Warm

 Thick acrylic paint on board covered with clingfilm until dry.  Clingfilm then gently torn away to reveal veined pattern.



Thick acrylic paint applied in short flicks using a paddle pop stick.




Rust paint on thick handmade paper, utilizing recycled newspapers.


Confused and Chaos

 Screen printing ink applied with roller through rainbow spun polyester mesh fabric.


Alcohol ink on thin copper shim.  Unfortunately I cannot avoid the reflection due to the flash and the high sheen of the piece.

About Claire B

I'm a passionate printmaker, paper-maker and a poor sketcher (which I'm working to improve). I've stitched from early childhood and am a perpetual student, loving learning and participating in everything creative.
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